'Made in China' tested AliExpress for the first time, attracting mad praise from overseas sellers

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

82 children's toys from Chenghai, Shantou attracted buyers from more than 50 countries and regions all over the world in one day, and the furthest order arrived in Brazil, South America... On July 21, 'Made in China' tested the water for the first time AliExpress has attracted mad praises from overseas sellers. In the future, many high-quality products on the Taobao platform are expected to be supported by Alibaba Group's multiple platforms, allowing 'Made in China' to go global faster. 'Made in China' first early adopters of overseas group purchases On July 21, Mebeile's children's educational toys were directly sold to overseas consumers for the first time, and they received high-end orders from Israel, Finland, and Sweden. Another plush toy from Eveyjoy was sold to nearly 40 countries around the world one day after it went online. It not only covers major European and American countries such as the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark, but also covers emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil, and even Attracted the first 'oversea shopping' from buyers in Qatar, Oman, Cyprus and other regions. This is also the first overseas group purchase of 'Made in China' early adopters. Based on past experience, the recognition of products in overseas markets can often lead domestic buyers. Alibaba said that by testing the waters of AliExpress and selling high-quality “Made in China” products to the world, on the one hand, it can use overseas markets to test the quality of “Made in China”. On the other hand, it also hopes that “foreigners’ Evaluation' provides reference opinions for Chinese consumers. Meibeile and Eveyjoy are both Chenghai toy brands. As a well-known domestic toy production base, Chenghai has a local saying: “If you pick up a toy anywhere in the world, 70% of it may be produced in Chenghai.” However, these good products often need to go through when they are sold abroad. Layers of dealers lead to expensive prices and low visibility, and it is difficult to gain recognition due to lack of brand when turning to the market. In early July, more than 40 Chenghai toy brands landed on Taobao 'Made in ChinaThis time the 'Made in China' test of AliExpress, Chenghai toys became the first category to eat crabs. Liu Jinsheng, the person in charge of Mebeile, said: 'Mebeile is not inferior to Lego. If we can use the choices of foreign buyers to prove the quality of my products and let more domestic consumers recognize it, I think this is a good thing. 'In the view of Taobao and AliExpress, it is a very risky thing to choose the early adopters of the toy category to buy overseas. Because developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have extremely high requirements for toys, it is never the price that affects the sales of toys, but the safety and fun. For the first time, AliExpress’ foreign group-buying toy brands, such as Meibeile and Happy Guest, have passed various national and global toy safety certifications, including EN71 (European Union Market Toy Commodity Standards), ICTI (International Toy Association Certification) ), EN62115 (European Union Electric Toy Safety Standard), ROHS (European Mandatory Directive) and CE certification (European Mandatory Certification Standard), etc. After winning recognition from overseas buyers, the sales of these toys on Taobao and other platforms have also soared. The person in charge of marketing of Happy Guest introduced that before participating in the 'Made in ChinaOn average, only one of the five companies can enter 'Made in China'. According to Zhang Qin, the vice president of Taobao.com, it is not a surprise that 'Made in China' products are sold through the AliExpress platform. Because the quality is there'. This confidence is based on the strict quality requirements of the 'Made in China' platform. Alibaba Group has established strict access standards for brands and enterprises stationed in 'Made in ChinaMeasures to ensure that each product 'sources can be traced and whereabouts can be inquired.' It is reported that the current approval rate of the 'Made in China' platform is about 20%, which means that for every 5 companies that sign up, only one can pass the rigorous review. At present, enterprises that have joined the 'Made in China' have spread across more than 20 industrial belts across the country. These companies all have advanced manufacturing technology, processing technology and quality control capabilities have reached the international first-class level, and there are even 'invisible nobles' with gorgeous backgrounds, such as the national guest carpet 'Shanhua Carpet; With more than 20 years of OEM craftsmanship, the porcelain brand 'ezicok XinzhuyiThe 'Pusu' of international first-tier shopping malls such as fifth avenune (Fifth Avenue); and the 'Sima Aircraft Model' whose products are exported to Europe and the United States, which is already Amazon's largest aircraft supplier, and so on.
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