Macao 'YuChang sketch exhibition' at the opening ceremony of the speech

by:Ennas      2020-06-02
Core tip: YuChang figurine is my specialty, but it is not my only interest, sketch is my interest, but not necessarily my specialty, in other words statuette is not my 'top', also is not necessarily a sketch YuChang figurines on my list is my specialty, but it is not my only interest, sketch is my interest, but not necessarily my specialty, in other words statuette is not my 'top', sketch may not is my second. NName w: st = 'on' ProductID = 'carlos marreiros'> Mr Carlos marreiros see me the first sentence is always: nName w: st = 'on' ProductID =' shu '> yu teacher, spirit! Spirit! He is a man full of positive energy, is now often say ground in the community, I say it's the person answering the 'foot'. He has fun, talented, the most important thing is that his friend will push forward. My sketch shows, from one of his article in the value of the goodwill remind and warm praise. Macao colleagues and for many years to help me, such as: jorge chian, Wu Weijian, Liao Wenchang, Li Ying etc. 'lost' for many years, pass to report to you, just for me to work day and night and preparation until the 'gas cough'. In a world of change at the moment, refuse on target is not investment mistakes, as long as the correction, set-up, chasing, dream will come true. Sketch is an ancient intention, also is to use eyes to thought. The sketch of hearts always pregnant with an intent. In seeing things and objects between bridge, between people and external things, seek a kind of tacit understanding of complicity relation, find the common language. Drawing from the painting of the whole, prior to painting. Drawings and material maintained a sensitive, close relationship, oneness, and sensibility of the world's most close, the night is through art 'scouts' in the road. Figurine making is procedural, when inspiration strikes, skeleton, hair figurines mud program down cold day lily, will not be able to quickly capture and record the inspiration, perhaps this is one of the reasons I sketch and literary sketch. Moreover, a picture without drawing experience, like photo realistic painting and figurines, always put the eyes received a lot of information, all piled up on the same plane and volume can't distinguish between discrimination, a vision, a wrinkle, a decorations, shall be neutral, and all things equally, regardless of primary and secondary, will often appear this kind of art be clumsy. That's enough, abstract spiritual vigor is not deep, not hot, not spectacular. Save to say that's it, but not necessarily win approval and applause, with Jonathan lee lyrics for 'over the hill, though has white head, over the hill, only to find no one waiting'. In my words: life is like a 'single', art should also is such a 'single'. = '15' = '12' NTH Day IsLunarDate = 'False' IsROCDate = 'False'> on December 17, 2014
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