Luzhou ancient igusa pepper garden township found stone carving in the qing dynasty tomb _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593” alt = ' ” src=' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/201910/29/092055801。 png” / > Recently, while luzhou gulin county pepper garden, 593). 这一点。 宽度= 593 ' alt = ' src = ' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/201910/29/092055801。 PNG '/ > recently, while luzhou gulin county township pepper garden afforestation village found a tomb, the tomb of about 5 meters wide in diameter, the tomb of about 9 meters high, MuZhuRen ZhenJiJun couples, is a qing dynasty five officials. Tomb stone carving delicate, tombstone engraved with the dead life introduction and exquisite stone carvings, including round, deep anaglyph, bas-relief and carve, including carved figures, flowers and plants trees, birds, etc. Exquisite carving art, vivid characterization. According to the construction of the tomb, material as well as the epitaph and set up by the drainage system, it can be seen at the time of the local customs, the time of the economic development and people's respect to officials. The tomb, dating back more than 200 years, but MuZhuRen identity and the story behind the remains to be further textual research experts.
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