Lufeng held folk craft boutique exhibition of power 'and'

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
On January 13 morning, lufeng culture center, lufeng & other; Build the Chinese dream & middot; Create a civilized city & throughout; Theme of folk art high-quality goods exhibition was held here, attracted nearly thousands of people to watch. The folk craft exhibition of high-quality goods from lufeng municipal party committee propaganda department, lufeng chong wen run, lufeng federation, to implement the lufeng county civilized city, guangdong province, municipal party committee, municipal government and how to carry out comprehensive deployment requirements, create work to deliver good literary works, with culture lead the social ethos, self-restraint urban civilization, to better motivate lufeng the masses are of one mind and happiness of lufeng enthusiasm and energy, construction, promote development of lufeng identity and reputation. Elaborate organization grasp the bellwether of civilization the folk art high-quality goods exhibition, events from on July 2, 2017 formally, attaches great importance to the organizer, careful deployment, actively launch around & other; Build the Chinese dream & middot; Create a civilized city & throughout; The theme of collecting folk craft boutique. The tour activities in the most close to the actual, the most close to life, close to the way of the masses, the excellent traditional culture to the home of the people, to establish the masses culture self-confidence, arouse the masses to build the Chinese dream offer positive energy, promote the nineteenth spirit in lufeng takes root. Tour to xi general secretary during the symposium's important speech spirit as a guide, adhere to the people as the center work orientation, fine dissemination of socialist core values by subject, with excellent art prosperity grass-roots artistic life, with excellent culture lead civilization ethos. Down the standing committee of the municipal party committee, minister of the propaganda department HongXiHong delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, hope the general public through this process works, see down to create civilized city at the county level in guangdong province since the change, feel the beauty and civilization of lufeng, also to appreciate & other; Gen throughout the &; Bring down the masses life achievements, thus determined cultural confidence, as always support the civilization create work, be a civilized citizen, to create a civilized city. Fabulous boutiques carnival folk art style of the folk art high-quality goods exhibition 150 display arts and crafts, straw painting, carving, stone tea tray, tea stove shell, metal, wood carving, root carving, bamboo, sea willow craft, cloth art, kites, shadow play sculpture, painting, lanterns, paper cutting, fan decoration, stone and other category. These works have different style, colorful, condensed the folk artisans intelligence, contains a profound folk cultural spirit, make people feast for the eyes. Works implication, fully demonstrates the city's foster and practice the socialist core values of the profound connotation, more comprehensive interpretation of lufeng solidly carry out & other; Gen throughout the &; Work achievements, to stimulate and improve the general public focus on urban development, participation & other; Gen throughout the &; Is of great significance. It is worth mentioning that was named & other; Guangdong master skills & throughout; The Zhao Bo helped more than 70 - year - old teacher, just restore a broken arm, and in creation, design, production exhibition for the exhibition tour activity. Metal sculpture old artist shu-ming Chen into three score and ten, to participate in the exhibition tour, had worked, for the masses to produce unique, exquisite is collected fully clever work. The east China sea bamboo craft and jia shell carving art has been lost for many years, to let people see these traditional local technology, collectors ZhuangKunYang shell carving, bamboo craft collectors George ty, their treasures are offered for many years, serving the masses rich local characteristics and cultural creative folk fine arts. Sung extensively spread the civilization the scene of many citizens believe that the inheritance of traditional craftsmanship and the cultural heritage of traditional craftsmanship contains, folk art high-quality goods exhibition reminded they support, foster learning traditional folk art, the younger generation to make our city folk craftsmanship effectively the idea of inheritance. Activities lufeng charm of folk art, to improve the local cultural identity, and through the display, friends encourage citizens to actively participate in lufeng create activities launching civilized city, vigorously carry forward the social morality, advocating civilized behavior, can contribute to promote the healthy development of the construction of spiritual civilization. It is reported, & other; Build the Chinese dream & middot; Create a civilized city & throughout; Theme of folk art high-quality goods exhibition on January 13 start after the first exhibition, will begin in late January, successively in koto, Dan an, pomeranians, south pond, 60, eighty thousand, tateishi, compartments, the British king, bridge and other 10 villages and towns.
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