Low-price promotions in the gift industry are greater than actual promises

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

Now I walk into major stores on holidays, discounts and promotions are flying all over the sky, discounts, sweepstakes, buy-as-you-buy, 0 yuan snapped up, 1 yuan spike... Are the merchants crazy, don’t you want to give you something for nothing? The sky won't lose the pie in vain. Don't look at the cheapness as if you can get it at your fingertips, but there are many traps in it.   The heat wave of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Monkey is also gradually fading. Looking back at this feast in the gift industry, the sound of promotion can be said to be endless, and most gift companies have adopted low-price strategies to stop consumers. However, careful screening reveals that the advertising effects of slogans such as 'lowest discount' and 'lowest price in the city' are far greater than actual promises.    The authenticity of low prices is doubtful. According to market observations, consumers have frequently seen the bottom prices in the gift industry.' 'Ex-factory price' is not unfamiliar. Nearly 90% of consumers said they have encountered a similar situation. However, the survey results also show that more than 90% of consumers are skeptical of the so-called reserve price. Among the consumers surveyed, more than 70% of consumers indicated that they would compare prices before or after purchase, which shows that price is still an important factor in facilitating purchase behavior.   41.18% of consumers believe that merchants take advantage of the large passenger flow during peak seasons to achieve small profits but quicker sales at a certain discount; 35.29% of consumers believe that merchants raise prices before the holiday and then discount them. Consumers’ judgments on prices are mostly intuitive and perceptual. For example, they one-sidedly believe that there is a price hike before the holiday. Most of them have not been investigated and there is no evidence. However, it can also reflect the current consumer’s attitude towards gifts. There is still some mistrust in the price of the industry. Low prices may become sales traps. In the current downturn, the gift industry is highly competitive. Some gift companies have launched ultra-low-price promotions in order to survive. In the short term, they may bring many orders to manufacturers. In the long run, brand influence and market reputation Will be lost. If the company frequently engages in low-price promotionsYes, it will be recognized by consumers and the market.
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