Love the big fashion brand Menglong, this time launching a chocolate-scented silk scarf

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

The American fashion brand BCBGMaxAzria recently launched a silk scarf with a chocolate scent, which looks and smells like the chocolate layered crisp ice cream that children love to eat. Of course, this silk scarf cannot be a bargain that can be put on the shelves with a little perfume. It is a wearable device jointly developed by BCBGMaxAzria and Magnum, a Harvard professor David Edwards and perfumer. The tail side of the silk scarf is equipped with a small scent device called oNotes, and the odor-emitting substance is installed in this small device. The whole silk scarf is light and has no sense of weight, only the lasting one with the Dream Dragon logo Sexual Belgian chocolate scent. This kind of fashion that synthesizes taste and smell is really intoxicating. I don’t know what else will appear on the runway next. Will there be any fashion that can be eaten directly? This scented silk scarf is indeed BCBGMaxAzria’s first attempt at wearable devices. BCBGMaxAzria said that, compared to functional wearable devices, BCBGMaxAzria, as a fashion brand, hopes to make things that further deepen the sense of beauty, such as this kind of scented fashion accessories. But silk scarves Why does the fragrance have to be related to Menglong Chocolate? In fact, this is not Menglong’s fashion brand once again. As a high-end ice cream brand under Unilever, Menglong has long been familiar with how to establish contact with the fashion industry and give its own image. Pasting gold. Yes, it is really pasting gold! The picture shows Zac Posen, a famous designer who designs red carpet dresses for Hollywood stars. He once used 24K gold to create an evening dress, just to respond to the time when the dream is new. The launched product Sands Chocolate Ice Cream. The big brands that have cooperated with Menglong are Dolceu0026Gabbana. Just last year, when the European Menglong commemorated its 25th anniversary, it invited the designers of Dolceu0026Gabbana, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, to create them for themselves. A limited edition ice cream. The packaging of an ice cream is printed on Dolceu0026Gabbana's most popular Sicilian orange blossom, prickly pear branches and fruits of the season, and the so-called Sicilian flavor is also added to the seasoning. Dolceu0026Gabbana seems to I didn't feel that the price was falling.' He made a special trip to the headquarters in the center of Milan to hold a show for this small ice cream like a new product launch. For most Chinese consumers, Menglong, which has been selling in China along with its parent company and Luxue's establishment of factories in China, can be regarded as a goldsmith in the ice cream industry. In the days when ice cream was only sold for 1 yuan and 5 cents, it sold for 8 yuan. Menglong's steady and stable high-cold pricing route has taken 20 years of tirelessness. Last year, this cold ice cream opened an experience store called Pleasure Store in Shanghai and Beijing. Naturally, the opening ceremony was to invite everyone to take photos and eat ice cream for free. On the opening day of Menglong Shanghai, fans lined up to select chocolates and make the crisp layer of ice cream on site, sprinkle them with various dried fruits and nuts, and post the finished products to Moments. Pleasure Store immediately set off a wave of social network sharing triggered by ice cream among the grassroots, and Menglong has once again verified the success of the marketing of the gold madness. In fact, Pleasure Store has already opened many stores in other cities such as Paris, London, Sydney, and New York before this golden mad ice cream opened its experience store in China. In 2011, Unilever tried to market Menglong to the U.S. market, but the sales of ice cream in the United States were generally low that year, Menglong invited designer Karl Lagerfeld to shoot 3 for this ice cream. An art commercial short film. As a result, as of the end of 2011, the purchase rate of Menglong customers in the American market had reached 42%, and Unilever had to import 30% of the volume from other countries to satisfy the American customers who love Galeries Lafayette who wanted to try ice cream. Mood. In addition to being jealous, paying gold is not a disease. To some extent, Menglong ice cream is actually a good model for mid-range brands to be close to the high-end in marketing. Whether it is an experience store or a mixed fashion circle, if the gold sticker is appropriate, it will bring the product itself. External gains and influences. Just for an ice cream that can be packaged in Dolceu0026Gabbana, should we consider drawing a line from the top-notch milk cream of the Northeast Big Brick in the retail channel and setting up a separate freezer?
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