Lotus-shaped grain decoration in celadon abdominal _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: 'three kingdoms' three kingdoms celadon celadon porcelain has just started, the shape and characteristics of adornment basically succeeded in han dynasty and common water ripple, string lines, shop first and animal head foot, 'the three countries are low in han dynasty, three kingdoms celadon celadon porcelain has just started, the shape and characteristics of adornment basically succeeded in han dynasty and common water ripple, string, spread and animal head foot, etc. , are common to the han dynasty. But there are some changes, such as disc dish increases, the neck is short, nothing in waist, figure, etc. Shape: when the three common shape: bowl, plate, plate, box, cans, washing, dish pot, bowl, basin, the water jar, nothing, salivary pot, barrel, ear cup and for human use, cages, dog, sheep, pig sty, oven structures such as the barn. Chic modelling, celadon barn shape is very complex. Barn is a deep cylindrical, plastic cans on a castle in the booth deficiency, all kinds of people and animals and birds, etc. When the three high 46 celadon god pavilion pot. 4 cm funerary wares, commonly known as barn cans, bottles. Tank as the main body, lip, mouth above heap of plastic figures, birds and animals, pavilions and acrobatics, pot belly with turtles, deer, dogs and other animal image, which characterizes with inscriptions on a turtle. Have a heap of plastic group v, exquisite and vivid image. Now the Palace Museum in Beijing. Celadon birds characters act the role of tank low three 44 cm high, the kiln products. Also known as the barn cans. In three kingdoms period, in the 5th qing-bai glaze, heap, plastic, carving, decorative technique into an organic whole, have a play and birds, etc. , is the representative works of The Three Kingdoms period, the kiln wares. Embryo glaze the kiln porcelain TaiZhi nut, high quality porcelain color is light gray; Glaze green light smooth; Grain is less, only row or grid lines, such as string, water ripple, plastic coated, stamps are more abundant, such as plastic out of the barn with figures, animals, birds, turtles snakes, statues, buildings, shop first, etc. There are a few small accomplished works of porcelain sculpture art, like doves cup, bear lamp, beasts stalk, kneeling sheep candlestick, etc. Low celadon fire craft mature celadon in the 5th and embryo glaze good adhesion, strong CiXing, glaze color fine clean, tyres are pale. The brown add new technology, etc. When western shape dumpy, decorative luxuriant. Eastern jin shape to develop in the tall, thin, more delicate, decorative design simple, pay attention to economical and practical, the brown variegation decoration. Shape the dish of shape when in addition to the three existing in west of quaternary pot, washing, basin, getting outside, still flat pot, tail of pot, statue, lamp, porcelain figurines, etc. Shape dumpy, dish, bowl, pot mouth along a little thin, but the bottom is very thick, is more than enough to make the beast hoof, bear form, dragon, tiger top shape. Eastern jin celadon also appeared some new shape, such as cattle type lamp, circular tray and lotus statue, etc. Western high 23 celadon riding characters. 5 cm this is early porcelain treasures, people ride on horseback, hands tightly to draw rein, limb erect, looks mighty solemn, qing-bai glaze, glaze color yellow green. Embryo glaze western tire body generally slightly thicker than it was in The Three Kingdoms, color grey; Glaze thick and homogeneous, pewter, some flash yellow. Eastern jin celadon embryo glaze situation similar to the western jin dynasty. The pursuit of gorgeous decorative western grain, adornment method mainly for embossing, score, plastic coated, stamps, molded plastic, etc. Common decorative grid, bead, honeysuckle, diamond, sawtooth, water wave, kame and floor que, dance music, prayer, birds, animals, Buddha, first, to ward off bad luck, rosefinch, white tiger, figures and so on. Eastern jin grain tend to be simple, light, no lines a lot, there are only a few convex string or kame water ripple. - - - - - - - - - - - - In the ancient porcelain collection, identification of common sense lotus-shaped lines is the most popular ancient ceramic decorative began in the spring and autumn, sheng in the northern and southern dynasties to the song, popular throughout the feudal era. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period is multi-purpose stereo lotus-shaped as a decoration on the lid. Wei and jin dynasty to the sui dynasty, lotus-shaped grain heap of plastic commonly used gimmick decoration in implements the abdomen, some points which several layers of decoration in the neck, abdomen, each place, make artifacts appear red. Also useful score and the technique of stamps. Tang and song dynasty, describes and stamps is the main technique of lotus-shaped grain decoration. Especially kiln, yao state kiln Buddhism with net bottle, body engraved with multilayer lotus-shaped lines, cutting sharp, even and agile. After the yuan dynasty, lotus-shaped lines are no longer as implements the main body of grain, as the mouth, neck, abdomen, and bottom of the auxiliary pattern, decorative techniques to painting and carving.
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