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by:Ennas      2022-01-12
Childhood, loaded with our dreams and longings! Every parent wants their baby to have a good childhood. What else is happier than seeing the baby’s smile? Lots of color mud, accompany your baby and grow together! Doh-Dough is sold in more than 100 countries around the world, and is trusted and loved by parents and friends at home and abroad. It is a product of Chuangxi Toys Company's own brand. Sam u0026 Partners Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of educational toys, and it is now approaching its 30th anniversary. Through our own carefully designed high-quality educational toys, help children develop multiple intelligences. Among them, Dough 123 Count With Me was awarded The Best Steam u0026 Education Toy by THMK and HKTC 2019. So, why is Toto Le color clay so popular with everyone? The answer is here! 1. The ingredients are natural and the quality is good. The ingredients of Todole color mud are wheat, salt, water and food coloring. The texture is fine, creative, safe and non-toxic. It meets the EU, the United States, Japan, and the domestic 3C standards, especially through the use of must Japanese toy testing of pigments, (ST Test and Japanese Food Sanitation Regulations) authoritative certification! 2. Education through fun, learning through fun During the game, it stimulates the child's brain thinking, exercises the baby's thinking logic ability, trains the hand-eye coordination ability, and promotes the baby's small muscle development. In addition, random color mixing can cultivate the baby's color perception. 3. Happy companionship, parent-child time color mud, it can be said that every baby must buy an educational toy. Through the production process of color mud, communication with parents is increased, which not only improves the children's communication and cooperation ability, but also Promote the parent-child relationship! 4. There is no limit to the gameplay, and creative babies can be cultivated to create ever-changing colored clay shapes with bare hands. You can also use the tools provided by Duoduo to create more exquisite colored mud shapes without specific gameplay. Give full play to children's unlimited creativity! It turns out that Toto Le Colored Clay is so interesting, do you want to have your own Toto Le Colored Clay?
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