Long-term promotion of gift companies triggers hidden price wars

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

In this era of no promotion but no sales, sales promotion actually needs to be methodical and scientific, not blindly, otherwise it will only make the company die fast. Therefore, through the use of scientific means combined with advanced communication methods can we increase the user experience and increase the added value of the product to win the possibility. The promotion of gift companies must rely on the promotion of product value scientific development. Long-term promotion triggers hidden price wars. According to a survey of a large store, we can find that based on the survey in more than a dozen stores, we have summarized the main methods used for promotion. Cost price 'seduce consumers, a series of final 'attracting eyeballs, theme planning redoubled, in short, no prizes and discounts'. However, the industry believes that the gift market will inevitably become a hidden price with promotional activities for a long time. The long-term low prices make corporate profits fall, and it is difficult to form better improvements to the products themselves. Instead, they blindly use price wars to grab the temporary market and form a vicious circle for the development of the entire industry. Development depends on improving products. Added value At present, the way many gift companies open the market has deviated from the long-term development goal of gift companies, and low-price promotions have become a common phenomenon in the current market. In fact, gift companies blindly attract consumers with low prices, with meager profits or even zero profits Risk measures are not suitable for long-term protracted wars. How to increase Tongmen sales in extraordinary times? Starting from increasing the added value of products, this problem can be solved very well. Consumers have a problem before buying products. Regarding the beautiful dream of consuming this product, whoever can fulfill the customer's dream, the customer will naturally choose whoever, even at high prices, the importance of the added value of the product is reflected in this way. Gift companies increase investment in product research and development, by adding technology The ingredients increase the added value of the product. At the same time, we should explore product features, diversify production, focus on individual appeals, and seek more attractive product features. The path of brand development is the king. The market capacity of gifts is limited. No matter how exciting the promotional activities are , No matter how low the price is, consumers have less chances for a second purchase.' A certain brand distributor said: The branch has a strict price strategy, and we cannot harm the brand just because we want a little short-term benefit. Facts have proved that we do not follow the trend and join the price war at will, but we have established a good brand image in the minds of consumers, and sales have been rising steadily. 'Consumers don’t know much about gifts, so they mainly rely on brand awareness when buying. Brands are an overall value. Consumers pay attention to details. A successful brand promotion will leave a good impression on consumers. In short, It is not feasible for gift companies to develop by relying on promotion. Only by enhancing the brand image and giving added value to the products can consumers have a better understanding of the brand. This is the guarantee for the ever-lasting foundation of the gift company's brand development.
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