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by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: the verve of the 'enhanced desert' exhibits the Trojan Lai Shaoqi works. During the Spring Festival, such as huangpu military academy five museums, memorial halls will continue to be free and open, while the rest of the museum, ji Lai Shaoqi works the verve of the 'enhanced desert' exhibits the Trojan horse. During the Spring Festival, such as huangpu military academy five museums, memorial halls will continue to be free and open, while other museums, memorial halls will continue to implement the monthly free two-day shipping activities. In addition, during the Spring Festival, the exhibition museum, memorial also host multiple projects. According to introducing, the special exhibition has 17 this year, including in the agriculture about liu shaoqi's performance exhibition, held in the generalissimo mansion 'sun yat-sen and beiyang group', 'desert charm', held at the art museum in the folk craft pavilion wide province, Hong Kong and Macao ', since the 19th century, etc. In addition to the special exhibition, the exhibition hall of permanent exhibitions have 30, including agency nanyue palace site archaeological exhibition, the third national congress of the history on display, etc. Particularly recommended 'desert charm - — Ancient silk road figurines exhibition on display at the art museum of guangzhou is the verve of the desert - — Ancient silk road statuettes show 'is one of the most eye-catching exhibition during the Spring Festival this year. The exhibits mainly small statues unearthed funerary object in gansu province. 'Figures' of burial objects, the social real life and customs from other can make a certain degree of reality, not only is the study of ancient Chinese figurines a major aspect of the artistic achievement, also has a load of ancient society all kinds of information, to the study of ancient and serving system, army configuration provides a rich, life style and cultural exchanges between China and western countries reliable material evidences. , according to art bo yuan Chen Weian dean from exhibition in various shapes, carving delicate 'painted wood RenYong' we can see: due to reasons such as politics, economy and customs, the change of the ancient clothing, its distinctive features such as color, material, or texture, and showed the wearer of the honour or gender career, and the characteristics of different clothing became different social status of appellation, some even gm today. Huang and Lai Shaoqi painting exhibition in the exhibition art bo yuan Spring Festival, 'painting from the huangshan mountain - — Huang and Lai Shaoqi painting and calligraphy exhibition ', can let the audience to know that in the contemporary history of art, Lai Shaoqi and huang had a art 'forget'. Lai Shaoqi in Mr Yi huang wrote: 'Mr Huang's landscape paintings, some, influenced by xinan painting. Xinan, Mr Huang is from xinan sent early learning is possible; But after middle age, Mr Huang's landscape painting has formed its own style. Especially in the elderly, and xinan send further apart. So-called xinan, actually is the development of yuan NiYunLin painting, with high light escape for wins, Mr Huang's landscape painting, not only high light not escape, but very simple and loyal, more human. 'Interactive projects in addition to the permanent exhibition, guangzhou museum special exhibition, also increased a lot, such as the search for the lost ancient city wall board games,' spring - — I am a small ceramic repair experts ', 'I'm a little architect - — Lingnan pottery house building game, and other interactive projects, let the audience in the hands-on practice easily learned knowledge. Guangzhou art bo yuan for the general audience of the AD hoc 'DIY chun fu' interactive activities. According to introducing, in the interactive region, the audience can use art provided hospital wave spring, couplets, Lantern Festival decorations, such as hands-on decorate spring door, as the New Year festival festival atmosphere at the same time, promote the harmonious relationship between parents, also can write the wave spring; The audience can also began to design a distinctive New Year greeting CARDS, and write New Year greetings statements, the don't mind a New Year greeting to friends and relatives. In addition, the audience can get 'art bo pass' in the interactive area, introduces the pages within the halls and sealed as a souvenir. To tie in with the verve of the desert - — Ancient silk road statuettes show 'art bo yuan also specially made all sorts of modelling of ancient mask, for the audience to take photos as a souvenir.
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