Lingbang Animation debuts at CLE China Licensing Exhibition, showcasing famous IP such as Little Prince

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

In the domestic entertainment industry, the brand IP authorization industry is rising rapidly in China, and IP authorization constitutes a complete industrial chain. From October 21st to 23rd this year, the CLE China Authorized Exhibition hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Lingbang Animation (International) Co., Ltd. believes that CLE China Licensing Exhibition will build a business cooperation platform for IP brand owners and authorized companies to enhance the brand value of both parties, which will obviously help the domestic economic cycle. In recent years, the scale of Lingbang Animation (International) Co., Ltd.'s licensing business has continued to grow rapidly. Its authorized brands focus on classics, children's IP and two-dimensional, closely following the hot spots of the international market and the Chinese market, and have output many successful cases. Its IPs such as The Little Prince, Garfield, Emoji, Popeye, Betty, Transformed Police Car Perley, and Pac-Man have become popular 'explosive models' and enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Recently, the little prince and Vinda under Lingbang Animation have jointly signed a surprise, bringing consumers a new skin-friendly and heart-warming product-Vinda Cotton Tough Little Prince joint soft draw. As the leading professional authorized trade show in Asia in terms of scale and influence, CLE China's authorized exhibition has a scale of 40,000 square meters. It is expected that 400 exhibitors will exhibit more than 1,800 IPs. They are domestic and foreign licensors, authorized agents, licensees and retailers. Business expansion and in-depth cooperation provide effective communication and docking, and help IP parties to directly and quickly and efficiently docking with authorized industries through co-organization of forums, corporate docking meetings and other forms. At the same time, this year's CLE China Licensing Exhibition continues the previous four exhibitions on the same stage. CLE China Licensing Exhibition and CTE China Toys Fair, CKE China Baby and Children Exhibition, CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition are carried out simultaneously to fully integrate resources and share customers. In addition, the organizer also launched the 365 Cloud Exhibition to achieve 365 days a year, and online exhibitors can seek extensive cooperation every day. At present, the pre-registration system for buyers of CLE authorized exhibition in China is fully open. Click (http://suo.im/5Sdl4W) and it only takes 40 seconds to complete. You can visit the new products and the hottest IP in the industry, learn about the industry's cutting-edge trends, and seek New business opportunities for business development.
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