Leqin children's game anti-crawling mat guardrail, give your baby a sense of security, peace of mind to play without crying

by:Ennas      2022-01-08
As the weather starts to heat up slowly, and the heavy clothes are slowly being taken off. Moms and dads can also prepare a crawling mat and fence for their babies to avoid unhygienic crawling and colds at home. . The Leqin children’s game anti-crawling mat guardrail has a reasonable height of 62cm, which helps the baby to learn to walk, so that the baby can't come out, but also allows the baby to see the parents, giving the feet a sense of security and playing with ease without crying. Leqin children's play anti-crawling mat guardrail strictly selects the original HDPE material, which is higher in density than ordinary PE material, safe and odorless, and does not contain BPA. You can rest assured that every breath, lick and bite of your baby is safe and healthy. Moreover, the fence adopts an arc-shaped design and has undergone nearly a hundred safety tests. There is no risk of vertical bar jamming in the safety hole distance. Safety + science and let go of the baby. Leqin children's play anti-crawling mat guardrail discards the cylindrical interface that is easy to deform and loose, and uses ABS-body injection molding base + octopus suction cup to fix it, which solves the problem of poor stability of traditional silicone mats, firmly absorbs the ground and does not move, plus a square interface +The threaded design bears more uniform force, which makes the fence stand more stable. The Leqin children’s game anti-crawling mat guardrail private aquarium is equipped with toys such as rudder and binoculars, multiple interesting control toys, training the baby's tactile perception, let the baby love to play with imagination, let the captain baby set sail. And on the back of the guardrail is also equipped with a soft plastic storage bag, so that the baby learns to put snack toys by himself and develop a good habit.
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