Lele fish product recommendation, do you know where the animals are?

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
For animals, babies seem to have a kind of inborn closeness. They always like to play with various animal dolls, watch various cartoons with animals as the protagonist, and sometimes like to learn the sounds of various animals. When it comes to animals, they can’t stop asking why... The sense of intimacy and interest is the best teacher the baby knows the world! Leleyu observed this phenomenon and released this world animal wall chart! Diverse functions Happy enlightenment In addition to the three major functions of Lelefish wall chart reading and voice, fun question and answer, and Chinese-English switching, a childlike commentary function has been added to make babies happy, enlighten and learn more! Quality upgrade, mothers can rest assured, environmentally friendly materials, arc edging, no glue stitching...Every detail is for the baby, and the baby can use it with confidence! Exquisite gift box The exquisite gift box is customized for the best gifts, exquisite for personal use, and presents the human body. For families with children of the right age, this gift is more intimate! Lele Fish Lele Fish Animal World Audio Wall Chart Animal Cognition Wall Chart Childlike Interpretation of Animal World Early Education Gift.
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