Lego Xinghui Kung Fu Animation is connected by heart, helping each other with love, and the enterprise is in action

by:Ennas      2022-01-12
The epidemic war has entered a critical stage. The more you support, the more you guard. Many member companies of the China Toys and Baby Products Association use different ways to contribute their strength: Kung Fu Animation, Lego, Hangzhou Youka, Xinghui Entertainment , Shixi, Huile Toys and other companies have joined this support team with love to help each other. Kungfu Animation On February 1, Yang Rong, general manager of Kungfu Animation Chengdu Branch, took the lead in offering love and donated 600 immune-enhancing Chinese medicine decoctions to Mengzhuiwan Street, Chenghua District, Chengdu, and distributed them to frontline workers in the streets such as sanitation workers and security personnel . In addition, Yang Rong also contacted the company to donate tens of thousands of masks and tens of thousands of bags of preventive medicines to provide warmth to sanitation workers and contribute to their health and safety when supplies are in short supply. The Lego Group announced a donation of 1 million yuan on February 7, assisted by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, to support the procurement of medical supplies for hospitals in Wuhan and surrounding areas, and to contribute to the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The LEGO Group will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, actively respond to and cooperate with the deployment of the government and relevant departments, and make every effort to ensure the safety and health of employees and their families. I believe that everyone will work together to overcome the difficulties. Hangzhou Travel Card On February 8, Hangzhou Travel Card, Chengdu Lingwo, and Shanghai Fengqu under Chuangjia Group jointly invested 2 million yuan to establish the War Epidemic Action Fund. The fund is used to purchase medical supplies needed by front-line medical personnel in the fight against the epidemic, and to assist in condolences to various related personnel fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention. Xinghui Interactive Entertainment On February 11, the subsidiary of Xinghui Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., the Royal Spanish Football Club of Barcelona, u200bu200bpurchased a batch of anti-epidemic materials worth more than RMB 800,000 from Spain and donated them to the Chenghai Charity Federation. Including more than 200 boxes of disposable masks and some N95 masks, a total of 19 cubic meters. On February 11th, in the environment of national shortage of materials and insufficient factory production capacity, Shixi used multi-party coordination and efforts to find a qualified material manufacturer. Through multiple coordination with the manufacturer, it was determined as Wuhan Children’s Hospital donated an order for 3000 sets of isolation gowns, totaling 480,000 yuan. Huile Toys On February 13, Huile Toys launched a campaign to fight against pneumonia and exchange love for fun. They donated toys worth 1.2 million yuan to the children of the medical staff. They said: The soldiers in white are fighting the epidemic on the front line and guarding all of us. We help to guard their little home. From February 12 to the present, Lisheng Ding Xiaodong, general manager of Zhengzhou Lisheng Science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd., led the team to support various educational units in Henan Province and donated more than 30 tons of 84 disinfectant. At the beginning of the epidemic, Lisheng wanted to do something for the war epidemic. After communication, he found that the school was most short of supplies for killing. Therefore, Lisheng used its own advantages in chemical preparations to find 84 disinfectant materials. Because of the strict transportation control in Henan Province, Mr. Ding personally led the team and sent them to the education systems of various places. As of February 17th, Lisheng had already dealt with Zhengzhou Education Bureau, Xinmi Education and Sports Bureau, Sanmenxia Education Bureau, Luoyang Laocheng Education and Sports Bureau, Xuchang Weidu District Education and Sports Bureau, Kaifeng Education and Sports Bureau, etc. 11 units donated materials. As of the date of publication, the Lisheng team is still running on the road to escort the education industry and the epidemic prevention work for teachers and students! The love of these companies makes us feel the power of one mind. In this challenging period, the companies themselves are also facing countless difficulties, but they are still able to extend a helping hand to Wuhan, to China, and to groups that need help and attention. , This allows us to feel the warmth of spring in advance, and also allows us to see the hope that spring is blooming. We firmly believe that if we move forward with such partners, we will surely be able to win the final victory of the war against the epidemic!
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