Lego New Year Series Chinese Style Building Blocks Assembled Children's Toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-31
Lego's latest New Year series of assembled toys has launched a new year limited edition, the story of the Chinese New Year, creating a Spring Festival scene and inheriting Chinese culture. Classic courtyard houses, movable limbs of the year of the animal, and commemorative version of the year of the ox minifigure are limited to both children and adults. When building blocks, you can let your children learn more about the traditional customs of the Spring Festival and help them learn Chinese traditional culture. Why do you want to post Spring Festival couplets? Why do you want to tune cabbage? Why do you want to set off firecrackers? For many questions, parents should prepare for the lesson, and be careful that you cannot answer the questions the child asks. In this new year limited edition, we have adopted the element of snow for the first time, and the flavor of the year will be heavier. Transparent material of fireworks, artificial cabbage, firecrackers, drum stone and Tibetan poem couplets. If you want to build this building block toy, it is quite time-consuming. Parents can assemble together with their children, which can not only solve the puzzles for the children, but also cultivate the parent-child relationship. If you want to give your child a meaningful toy on the occasion of the New Year, perhaps our toy is your best choice.
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