Lego (LEGO) returns to the animation festival

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

Lego Architects Competition Judgment Day Go Yafu After a year away, LEGO (LEGO) returns to the animation festival, and the final 14 works of the LEGO Architects Competition will be displayed on-site for the participants to vote. The theme of this competition is 'Fun Hong Kong  Rigao Yafu has been in love with LEGO since he was 6 years old, and his first set of toys was a blue house given by his mother. After finishing the cabin, the young Higo Yaf also used creativity to build the leftover LEGO components into cars and airplanes. Since then, he has used his pocket money to buy 3 to 4 boxes of small LEGOs every year, until he stopped at the age of 13 due to heavy school work. When he came into contact with LEGO again, Yafu Higo was already a father. When he bought toys for his 3-year-old son 14 years ago, he was addicted to LEGO toys again and brought them back to the company dormitory to relax in his free time.  He pointed out that he is busy at work and has a lot of restrictions. Playing LEGO makes him feel very free, which can help him release stress and train concentration. Asked if he plans to transfer to a LEGO company, Yafu Higo, who is fascinated by LEGO toys, said frankly that he had never considered this issue, but said that if he had the opportunity, he might try to join the LEGO team.  Rigao Yafu's love for LEGO has infected his family. His father is almost eighty years old and still builds LEGO models. The birthday gift that Hidaka Yafu gave to his father was a box of LEGO models with more than 2,000 components. Hidaka's father has completed it. Yafu Nicolas laughed and said that it is not clear whether their children like to play LEGO, but they occasionally show their works to Yafu Nicolas. During the visit, Yafu Higo was invited to build LEGO on the spot. This 'LEGO expert' only took ten minutes to build a colorful and heart-shaped hut. Nicolas Yafu is now an engineer and an amateur electric piano player. He used his expertise to produce different LEGO models, such as his Mono Rail train combination model, which won the Best Train Design Award in the 2012 Brickfair Large LEGO Fan Exhibition in the United States. . And his Grand Piano (grand piano) composed of 120 pellets has a great chance of becoming a commercial product, which is produced and sold by LEGO. Hidaka Yafu's work Coro and its Port in Venezuela is participating in the Piece of Peace World Heritage Model Touring Exhibition. It was exhibited in Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong last year, and is now on a tour in Osaka, Japan.
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