Lego blocks are not just a simple toy, but a work of art

by:Ennas      2021-12-29
Core tip: Lego, a toy that can open your mind to infinite size, but it is a fantasy maker popular among players all over the world. Australian Lego artist Ryan Marknot will not only play Lego Become his own work, and also play this toy to the height of the artistic level.   When the word Lego appears in front of your eyes, you must smile knowingly, because you have either played it or heard it. Lego, a toy that can open your mind to infinite size, although it is only composed of small squares, it is a fantasy maker popular among players all over the world, and it carries a lot of memories.   There is a man who not only turned Lego into his own work, but also played this toy to an artistic level. He is Ryan Marknot, a Lego artist from Australia.     CCTV’s new program 'One Person One World'      'One Person One World' The art played by Ryan's speech---Ryan and his Lego world    Mention Lego, it is usually difficult to associate it with the word art. It is undeniable that Lego is a toy that the more creativity you invest in, the more magical you can get. ****The genius in the American drama 'The Big Bang Theory' is a big fan of Lego. Lego is one of our important childhood friends, and perhaps accompanied you through day after day, but when it comes to art? It seems that there is still a gap. But Ryan Marknott, a big boy from Australia, has subverted this idea of u200bu200bours-he not only spent a long time making many breathtaking works with Lego toys, but also the most outstanding in the world certified by Lego One of Lego artists. You know, for such an honorary title, there are only 13 in the world, and Ryan is one of them. He spent more than 470 hours creating the world’s first model of Pompeii. Such a work used more than 190,000 Lego toys, which truly shows that Pompeii was destroyed in AD 79 and 18 The century was discovered and what it looks like today.   In addition to the ancient city of Pompeii, Ryan also used Lego toys to make an oversized A380 double-decker passenger plane and combined it with intelligent robots. In this way, children can light up various buttons in the cockpit as if they are in a real airplane. This is an incredible project, especially for toys like Lego. Generally speaking, it is difficult to make curved works, but Ryan devoted himself to Lego art work and overcome these difficulties, let us know that Lego is not only It’s a game for children, as well as a game for adults. This game has nothing to do with age, but is directly proportional to your whimsical ideas. This philosophy has also made Ryan become a master Lego artist. . Inspire imagination and brainstorm-let the children inspire their own creativity Ryan has a pair of very cute twin sons, they got the Lego toys Ryan played when he was a child, and Ryan is also happy to share his creative story with them . This is a little fun that spans the two generations-indulging in it, there are great benefits.   Compared with the concept of play, Ryan values u200bu200bthe level of thinking more. He hopes that children can stimulate their creativity from Lego toys and also understand history through toys. Although many things can be read in textbooks, Ryan uses a more intuitive and interesting way to educate children. He said: We decided to use Lego as a medium to inspire children to understand history. So he made a model of the Acropolis, in which he showed 23 historical stories. Children can see the scene with their own eyes and imagine how the story unfolds, which is what Ryan hopes to see. The word   Lego comes from Denmark, which means it’s fun. But based on what Ryan has done so far, Lego has changed from a toy to a very beautiful art.     The exchange between super LEGO players-Ryan and Hou Weiwei    There are many outstanding LEGO players full of ideas in the world, Ryan is one of them. In the field of Lego, China also has a very creative player, she is Hou Weiwei. As a mother, she can better understand Ryan's desire for her children to play more Lego. Hou Weiwei bluntly said that she is also a fan of Ryan, but she hopes to cooperate with Ryan to create even better works. The two people even interacted with the audience in the show. Using Lego's trial outfits for children over 6 years old, each made a unique little yellow duck of their own. And what kind of bizarre ideas will arise between the two super players of China and Australia? Let’s go to the show to find out!    This is Ryan’s world, a Lego castle full of fun and creativity , If playing with toys can also make art, why don’t we feel the charm of Lego?
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