'Left hand, right hand: partner in contemporary art,' the people's park MoCA ( This Mosaic)

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: performance relationship in the works of art works are not uncommon, in the exhibition, 15 partners in a humorous way in art from the Angle of the image and the relationship between the 'right hand' performance relationship in a work of art works are not uncommon, in the exhibition, and 15 partner in art from the Angle of the image in a humorous way to this kind of relationship between the 'right hand' a special means of scanning and perspective, and enjoy a variety of unique artistic works by and life experience. Second XiangJing 'peacock' hands & amp; The Lu Rong Chen Xiaodan & amp; Yang Jianping Fang Yanrui & amp; WengBangFeng meter in & amp; Wei-bing zhu 'six of beads' appalling works, artists in white and red beads embroidery at the bottom of the picture out of the 'I love you' in English and Chinese. Gao Qian cooperation with zhang see silk scroll painting works 'evening dress' the two men's brush strokes. The relations between the sexes in the artistic creation can use what way? Recently, in China's contemporary art scene and took out on 15 active including painting, figurines, composite materials, installation, photography, video and other works more than 60 pieces, placed in the people's park in the Shanghai institute of contemporary arts exhibition hall, with 'partner in left hand, right hand: contemporary art' as the theme, from the Angle of art image, has special meaning for this relationship for a scan and perspective, it's interesting that the exhibition curator Jiang Mei and li is a couple. That the placement of more than 60 pieces of artwork and order is not special, but, even don't know whether their owners for the 'couple' of art, still can make a simple from the work of the style characteristics of attachment type. A in 1968 'long across the road from the age of 17 Lu Rong hand, exhibition of works, and this picture from the' Taipei's palace 'lend against the number of Chinese landscape painting works, only a few of the Chinese calligraphy, and its owner - — Professor, national Taiwan university of art institute of hands is Lu Rong current husband. On the edge of the husband's innovation calligraphy, Lu Rong attached a small essay, which said: 'hands with me is the jiangnan people, able to take work home, it's as if met, also not nearly nostalgia afraid, after all my painting is childhood' goose foot prints ', also can only as a smoke past aftertaste. Is the third marriage of Lu Rong perfect witness. The artists Chen Xiaodan always do some flower related installation, recently he was infatuated with 'bones', her bones as the basic framework, with white or plastered with white butterfly, beautiful and fragile or sew bone paste on the gauze, pose all sorts of beautiful modelling, have a kind of beautiful, the smell of death. In her bloom series cold plum drawing 'the device side of rural land, silica gel do artificial' big skin ', and that is what her husband Yang Jianping works, with death, elegance and cruel two kind of taste. In exhibition work, there are also some couples cooperation work, such as RongRong and reflected in the photograph, they will put it into reality, 'your loving husband and wife' black and white color piece and tangled lines works full of visual tension, in the form of a kind of intimacy and gloomy reading the intimate relationship between husband and wife. Fang Tingrui, in contrast, WengBangFeng 'sleepwalking garden' appear more merry, cartoon characters, sequins, gorgeous color constitute the main component of his works, their common cartoon aesthetic standards, contributed to the unified style that the fabric works and animation works. Gao Qian cooperation with zhang see silk scroll painting works 'evening dress' is two person's brush strokes, but from their respective works 'the secret of the attacks' ( Zhang see works) , the luxurious game ( Gao Qian work) Can still be found in the male, the female subtle difference on the gender perspective in painting. However, more art couple besides have similar aesthetic ideal, as is the more. Youth figurines QuGuangCi, XiangJing couple the first impression that gives a person is a pair of love each other and independent person, although they do figurines, but each has its writing style, ground and XiangJing figurine works refused to traditional aesthetic interpretation of the female human body, the second 'peacock' is displayed in the nude bald girl has the original biological properties, seldom gently beautiful feeling, and this in QuGuangCi small statues there cannot be found, also, QuGuangCi of banter humorous cannot find similarities in XiangJing there. 'Left' and 'right hand' as the body's vital organs, have inseparable, cooperation and mutual assistance relationship, but in today's society life, they were often jokingly refers to some kind of overconfidence, everlasting after that kind of feeling of familiarity. Couples artist exhibition held or double show it is not uncommon, together with the theme of 'left hand, right hand' for exhibition is in a humorous way to lead you into such a fun art scene, and try to borrow from art and enjoy a variety of unique life experience. Curator li is the first time in the name of the husband and wife with Jiang Mei joint curator, li said: 'through these forms, different styles of works, we can see the artist couple, how in the field of extremely rich contemporary art expression elements, construct their own unique personality, at the same time maintained a subtle gender differences within the relationship. They are in a state of differences and coexistence of creation, and the formation and development of their artistic style. 'Show will end on February 22.
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