Lee jin 2013 flourishing more square large figurine solo exhibition in Paris

by:Ennas      2021-09-13
Core tip: Chinese cultural relics webex lee jin ( Li Chen) Held in Chiang kai-shek memorial hall in 2011 Asian unprecedented exhibition, in September 2013 will be flourishing more square (invited in Paris, France Place Vendme) China's cultural relics webex lee jin ( Li Chen) Held in Chiang kai-shek memorial hall in 2011 Asian unprecedented exhibition, in September 2013 will be flourishing more square (invited in Paris, France 地方Vendo 我) Hold a month-long outdoor small sculpture exhibition, declared the launch of Europe exhibition! This exhibition will be held central Paris has the reputation of 'Paris jewelry box' 'mong many square', include 12 pieces lee jin creation the most representative work of large figurine, size so much as high as 9 meters, covering 1998 to 2010, series of four important creation. Lee jin, 2007 in the 'Olympics' art world of the Venice biennale ( 52国际艺术Exhibition-La di威尼斯双年展) Solo exhibitions, then through Beijing, Miami, New York, Singapore, Shanghai and many other international exhibition city, at the beginning of 2012 in Seattle, USA to accept fry the gallery ( Frye艺术博物馆) Invited to make special plans at the 60th anniversary 'eternal - Chitose and right '. The 2013, lee jin will fly to European art town 'Paris' outdoor figurines solo exhibition, its vigorous eastern background, the fusion of contemporary art minimalist figurines, will with more square mutual reflect, in eastern culture and western history building small statue of dialogue and agitate, believe that this exhibition will be amazing all visitors in Europe. Flourishing more square ( 地方Vendo 我) First area is located in the centre of Paris, by Louis xiv, founded in 1893, is one of the European famous square, is located in between the old opera house and the Louvre in Paris, 224 meters long and 213 meters wide, appearance is magnificent, has a unique global octagonal shape, to represent the art of the 17th century French architectural aesthetics. In the 19th century, napoleon in the battle of austerlitz returned home in triumph, after returning in the square to build 'column' of wang zhen daum ZhuJie, he stood on the top of the statue, bronze casting this giant column is from Austria left the debacle of 1250 cannons. Today, full of mysterious charm more than square is France's top hotel, jewelry, watches and fashion brand to gather. After the enlightenment since the 17th century Europe, European powers in the political and economic culture and art, authors; And lee jin Oriental thinking, create bear the traditional artistically creative art, and rich era, runs throughout the Chinese culture unique cosmology with Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism thought, lee jin figurines represented by the 'new Oriental spirit', the downtown Paris stands, is surrounded by buildings in one hundred. Eastern and western art and Chen, highlight the differences in the historical and cultural background, the same, however, they are accumulated centuries to the height of the civilization, to give contemporary landscape in the bottom of a modern people, under the globalization has created an opportunity, flourishing more square there is going to be a dialogue between the depth of the eastern and western cultures. This exhibition by European famous nonprofit foundation 'global art center' ( 全球艺术中心基金会) With Asia art center ( 亚洲艺术中心) Collaborative planning, the exhibition is flourishing more square committee, the ministry of culture and the city government's full support in Paris, Paris, the Netherlands, Italy, Taipei and Beijing five seats on a joint international professional team after nearly four years of time, overcome the huge transportation, structure, wind resistance, interest bearing and many other problems, make Chinese artists can again across the geographical limitations, moves towards the international infinite! Exhibition information: the artist: lee jin show name: lee jin 2013 Paris flourishing square large figurine solo exhibition Li Chen, 2013 Place Vendô Me Premiere its Exhibition in Paris where: Paris, France, flourishing more square ( 地方Vendo 我) Extension: on September 2, 2013 - On September 29, opening time: outdoor exhibition, regardless of day and night all can visit the website: WWW. lichensculpture。 Org TianJue canoe Floating Heavenly Palace 334 x205x848cm copper 2007
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