Laser pointers as toys are banned for laser radiation

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

A few days ago, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine organized the quality and safety risk monitoring of laser pointers and children’s laser guns. The monitoring results showed that laser products have a certain radiation risk. If the laser radiation power is too high, it will cause photochemical damage and heat to the human body. Harm, especially to children who are still in their developmental stages. Yesterday, the reporter visited and found that many stores in Weihai, Shandong have such products, especially around some schools, which are easy to buy.  Reporter investigation  Many students bought laser pointers to play with   Yesterday, the reporter saw in a toy wholesale market in the urban area that there were a wide range of children's toys, including many toys with lasers and infrared rays. The reporter walked into a children’s toy store and found that more than a dozen laser pointers were hung in a conspicuous position in the store. Each laser pointer was about 10 cm in length, and the power of the pen body was marked as 'less than or equal to 5 milliwatts'. The laser pointer was hung on the cardboard. Written in English is a warning about non-toys and harmful to the eyes, and there is no outer packaging introduced in Chinese, and the merchant has not made relevant safety reminders in a conspicuous position.   According to the owner of this toy store, laser pointers are mostly used for teaching, reporting, and demonstration. When the reporter asked why it was sold in a children’s toy store, the owner said that because the laser pointer shines far away, and the laser pointer can draw patterns in open areas at night, many children like to buy it. Come and play. Regarding the harm of the laser pointer, the shopkeeper said he did not know about it.   Later, the reporter visited many toy stores in the city and found that many stores had laser pointers on sale, but there were no safety tips on the product packaging or in the store. Regarding the hazards of laser pointers, most businesses said they did not know about it.   The reporter learned during the interview that many shops around the school sell laser pointers. According to the owner of a store on Heping Road in the urban area, students often come to buy this laser pointer because it is fun. Xiao Liu, a third-grade student in an urban elementary school, told reporters that there were classmates playing around him, and they were shooting everywhere with laser pointers, and sometimes they shot bright light on him. He thought it was fun, so he went to buy one.   According to teacher Li from a middle school in the city, in physics class, the teacher will use a laser pointer to demonstrate the light, and some students are more curious, so they will buy and play by themselves. Since laser pointers are harmful to the eyes and may disrupt the classroom order, teachers do not allow students to play. Ophthalmologists   Laser pointers should not be used as toys  The reporter learned in the interview that most parents are not aware of the harm of laser pointers and laser toys. 'The light of this kind of toy is very weak, so it should not be harmful to the human body, as long as you don't look at your eyes.' Ms. Min Gong said that her child also played with this kind of toy when she was a child, and she didn't know the danger of laser radiation. The reporter interviewed Sun Lizhen, an ophthalmologist at 404 Hospital. According to her, the macular area in the retina is the most sensitive and vulnerable area of u200bu200bvision, and it is easily damaged by laser light. If this area is stabbed, it will cause a hole in the macular area, resulting in blurred vision, blindness, and inability to recover with surgery. Children’s eyeballs are not yet fully developed, and it is easy to cause light damage to the fundus after laser irradiation. Regardless of the power of the laser, it is harmful to human eyes. The higher the power, the greater the degree of damage. Children should try not to touch the laser, and avoid looking directly at the light source. Do not use the laser to irradiate the face and eyes of others. Cause irreparable consequences.  Industry and Commerce Department  Merchants should have safety reminders  In response to this phenomenon, yesterday morning, Huancui District Industry and Commerce Bureau Wenhua Road Small Commodity Industry and Commerce Office conducted a unified inspection and regulation of toy sellers in its jurisdiction. During the period, the staff inspected the toy sellers on the market one by one and found that the production licenses and labels of the laser pointers sold in these stores are relatively complete, and the products themselves have no quality problems, but many laser products lack clear safety tips. The seller did not give any safety tips to the product. 'In response to this situation, we will uniformly regulate the sellers of laser pointers and related laser toys, requiring them to mark safety tips in conspicuous locations. It is best not to sell such products to children without adult supervision. Products.” The relevant person in charge of the Wenhua Road Small Commodity Industrial and Commercial Office said that consumers should try to choose formal channels when buying laser pointers and children's laser guns, and avoid buying products without laser radiation category information, brand models, and warning instructions.
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