Lao tze tongue figurines contentious

by:Ennas      2021-09-23
Core tip: the Lao tze eyes closed, tongue, and showed a large front teeth in the mouth, overturned many people the impression of the ancient sages. After 'Johns' building, one the Lao tze jinji lake in suzhou and eyes closed, tongue, and showed a large front teeth in the mouth, overturned a lot of people have the impression of the ancients. After the 'Johns' building, suzhou jinji lake and there is a small statue on weibo attracted strong onlookers. This popular small statue is located in the east of jinji lake in suzhou art cultural center, the body of the figurines for historical figures laozi, however the Lao tze shut eyes, tongue, and showed a large front teeth in the mouth, overturned a lot of people have the impression of the ancients. As of yesterday evening at 6:30, 'Lao zi made faces famous statue' micro topics already has more than 70000 Internet users to participate in the discussion. The way of firm soft allusions Confucius had travelled to weeks of luoyang, asked in laozi. Lao tze see, open your mouth to Confucius asked: 'my teeth are still there? 'Confucius truthfully answer:' is not. 'Lao tze ask again:' I still have my tongue? 'Confucius told Lao zi:'. 'Lao tze meaningfully told Confucius:' hard death eaters, vulnerability is born. Teeth are hard, so it have away; The tongue is soft, so it is still there. 'Comprehensive' Johns 'building' faces 'Lao tze doing before yesterday afternoon, modern express reporter found that small statue, it is about 2 meters high, on the grounds of the lake is particularly eye-catching, what's interesting is that he is behind the previous online hit' Johns 'building the door to the east. The lake wind gusts, from time to time someone came up to the little statue observation. A gray-haired old man holding a mobile phone on 'Lao zi' took a few photos, some confused revealed in the eyes. 'A little strange, but I, after all, is not art, art it is not good. 'Said the old man, he is engaged in the biological sciences research in the north for years, finally to return to his hometown suzhou can't wait to look around. Unlike the old gentleman neutral view, many netizens think that this is the defacing Lao tze, many people called it 'the neck', at the same time that such small city should not be a small statue statue appear in public places. Microblog called 'China Li Lekai' netizens said: 'there are ugly in the United States, this is deliberately disgrace! It is uglify sages, 2 is modelling. 'A netizen said. ' he was behind the big long Johns ray. 'After a bit of blame and ridicule, began to have a net friend pointed out that Lao tze this image is a allusion to follow. Net friend Manfred wong Gordon said, 'if you read the Lao tze article, I think this is the best Lao tze's statues. The figurines home understand Lao tzu. 'Lao tze figurine from the way of' soft 'allusions have learned, this small statue of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation chairman wang zhongjun suzhou culture and arts center in September to donate. To Lao tze figurines, the relevant person in charge of suzhou art cultural center said some accident. According to its introduction, the figurines called Lao zi ', 'the firm soft road, researcher at the institute of creator is the central academy of fine arts figurines, figurines, tian shixin solo exhibition. It is reported, which has a tian shixin solo exhibition creative works of the same name was put at Peking University, also has caused some controversy. At that time, tian shixin solo exhibition responded that he didn't uglification Lao tze, person to challenge at the same time, he hopes to read more, to understand Lao tze to expound the way of 'soft' this famous allusions.
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