Lantern Festival lanterns have unqualified plasticizer inspection

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

China, February 13th: According to Taiwanese media reports, Friday is the Lantern Festival. Lanterns are children’s occasional toys. The Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs conducts random inspections of Lantern Festival lanterns on the market, and there are still plasticizer inspections. In the case of unqualified cases, 4 out of 21 samples exceeded the standard, with a non-compliance rate of nearly 20%, of which the violation rate was up to 136 times exceeding the prescribed standard; the Chinese labeling violation rate was even higher, with 19 unqualified and unqualified The rate is as high as 90%. According to reports, this sampling of portable lanterns is based on the CNS 'Toy Safety (General Requirements)' series of standards and the CNS 'Safety Requirements for Electric Drive Toys' to test 'physical properties'Phthalate plasticizer contentThe inspection results of 'physical propertiesThese 4 lanterns with plasticizer exceeding the standard, the plasticizer content ranged from 6.891 to 13.646%, exceeding the 0.1% limit value of the specified standard, which is equivalent to 136 times the maximum exceeding the standard. Four products with excess plasticizer are the duck lantern sold by Yidong Toys Company, priced at NT$49; the yellow duck piggy bank lantern sold by Jiafa International, priced at NT$98, and Monkey King lanterns. , The price is 21 yuan; Wenya Bookstore sells fish lanterns every year, and the price is 65 yuan. The Bureau of Standards, Inspection and Quarantine stated that children’s exposure to products with excessive plasticizers has a huge impact on their health, because “phthalate plasticizers” are considered to interfere with the secretion of organisms and are one of environmental hormones. Overexposure may interfere with the balance and function of the original endocrine system, feminize men, or increase the risk of breast cancer in women.
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