Kung Fu Animation tells you why companies love to come to CLE China Licensing Exhibition?

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

In recent years, the global IP field has been industrialized, and a huge industrial chain has been formed around IP authorization, and IP authorization has gradually gained popularity. From October 21st to 23rd, 2020, the 14th CLE China Authorized Exhibition hosted by China Toys and Baby Products Association will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. CLE China Licensing Exhibition is known as the 'handsman' of the IP licensing industry. Since 2007, it has been successfully held for 13 sessions. It can be called No.1 in the field of licensing exhibitions in China and even in Asia. Kungfu Animation, an excellent domestic animation company, also said that the gathering of domestic and foreign companies at the CLE China Licensing Exhibition is roughly based on the following considerations. The first is the authority of CLE China Licensing Exhibition. The organizer, China Toys and Baby Products Association, was established in 1986. It is the only national toy and baby products industry association in China. )’S only legal representative. Kung Fu Animation is the first domestic producer, broadcasting, marketing, teaching, cultural and creative industry construction, the entire industry chain operation model, is a super IP ecological platform. Kungfu Animation takes urban culture as a breakthrough and focuses on creating urban super IP. So far, it has successfully cooperated with Fuding City, Zigong City, Ningbo City, Deyang City, Three Squirrels, Shanghai Laiyifen and other cities and famous companies to produce Deyang City, Sichuan City IP 'Sanxingdui's Glory AwakeningDozens of excellent cartoons such as 'The BoyAt this CLE China Authorization Exhibition, Kung Fu Animation will focus on the top ten exhibits, including Stupid Mouse, Stupid World, Lion Run, Magic Handbag Boy, Cuju Boy, Time and Space Dragon Knight, Chinese Character Man, Oriental Kerr, Long March General Mobilization and Environmental Protection Special Forces. Super IP. The second is the bridge role of CLE China License Exhibition. CLE China Licensing Exhibition is a bridge between supply and demand, and comprehensively promotes the accurate business connection between licensors and licensees. At the CLE China Licensing Exhibition, international IP giants have settled in, taking the CLE China Licensing Exhibition as an important platform to expand the Chinese market. This exhibition is expected to display more than 1,800 IP items, including all IP categories such as cartoons and animation, culture and art, film and television entertainment, celebrities, lifestyles, corporate brands, sports, non-profit organizations, online games, online books, etc. The exhibition provides effective communication and docking for domestic and foreign licensors, authorized agents, licensees, and retailers to expand business and in-depth cooperation. Through joint forums, corporate docking meetings and other forms, it helps IP parties directly and quickly communicate with authorized industries. Efficient docking. Followed by the CTJPA four exhibition on the same stage. The old fans of CLE China authorized exhibition know that they can enjoy the 'buy one get four' value experience when they choose to participate. As the organizer of CTE China Toy Fair, CKE China Baby and Children Exhibition, CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, CLE China Authorized Exhibition, The China Toys and Baby Products Association aims to gather global resources and create a full-scale, international large-scale commercial platform integrating influence and professionalism through four exhibitions on the same stage, leading the large-scale development of related industries. The last is the 365 Cloud Exhibition of CLE China Authorized Exhibition. After the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the China Toys and Baby Products Association quickly launched the '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform to help real-time access to new products through the mobile WeChat applet, docking with brands, and realizing online cooperation and negotiation. For licensees with clear procurement requirements, the China Toys and Baby Products Association also provides one-to-one precise docking services. It can be said that it is not limited to the three-day offline exhibition, CLE China authorized exhibition is E docking at any time throughout the year. At present, the pre-registration system for CLE China authorized exhibition visitors is fully open. Click (http://suo.im/5Sdl4W) to enter the pre-registration page, or follow the official WeChat account of China Toys and Baby Products Association or the official WeChat account of CLE China authorized exhibition , It only takes 40 seconds to complete, visit the industry’s hottest IP, learn about the industry’s cutting-edge trends, and seek new business opportunities for business expansion.
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