KUB baby rattle teether toy helps babies relieve the discomfort of cute teeth and massage gums

by:Ennas      2022-01-14
For babies, the teething period is a relatively difficult and slow process. Some babies even start to grow teeth from 3 months old. How can parents help their babies pass the eruption period smoothly? KUB can be better than baby rattle teether toys scientifically designed with various sizes, thicknesses, and softness, which babies love more. KUB baby rattle teether toys are made of environmentally friendly ABS material, smooth and no burrs, conforming to the rounded arc of the grasping design of infants and young children, which is convenient for babies to grasp and play, and exercise finger grasping ability. In addition, the classic ultrasonic mold clamping technology is used to firmly bite the material from the inside to avoid the falling of the rattle beads; the outside is smooth and delicate, and the hand feels comfortable. It is necessary to disinfect the baby's toys daily to give the baby the love of no impurities. KUB can be compared to baby rattle teether toys with a variety of gnawing point designs. Each piece of gnawing point is carefully designed to achieve a different molar touch. Massage every inch of tender gums and relieve the discomfort of the baby during teething. Massage gum. The rattle also has a built-in bell or small colored beads. When the baby is playing, it will emit a crisp ringtone when shaking, which exercises the baby's grasp while also stimulating the baby's audiovisual development.
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