Korean media: Compared with the US nuclear arsenal, North Korea’s nuclear weapons are like children’s toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-31
Regarding Kerry’s visit to China to discuss sanctions against North Korea, the North Korean media did not pay attention to it, nor did it publish reports that the United Nations might issue a resolution on sanctions against North Korea. In recent days, the North Korean media no longer separately reported on the January 6 nuclear test. Their focus was the forthcoming Seventh Party Member Conference of the Workers’ Party in May. On the 25th, the front page of the 'Rong Sinmun' published a congratulatory message from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party. In addition, it also published a general assault to welcome the seventh party congress with unprecedented labor results. The special report introduces that the production personnel of various parts and departments in North Korea have vigorously set off a work climax and overfulfilled production tasks.   The recent calm of North Korea may not be able to ensure that there will be no tension on the peninsula in the future. According to a report by South Korean Radio International on the 23rd, the US B-2 stealth bomber, known as the ghost of the sky, will fly over the Korean peninsula next month. A senior South Korean government official said that in addition to the B-2 stealth bomber, the US Navy's nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers will also participate in the South Korea-US key decision joint military exercise to be held in early March. According to reports, the US military sending B-2 stealth bombers and nuclear-powered submarines to South Korea can be said to be a demonstration of force against North Korea’s brazen nuclear test. Why can't the sanctions hurt North Korea? The British '**** Times' wrote on the 25th that even if new sanctions are brewing, North Korea's ability to conduct nuclear tests with the largest explosion equivalent to date clearly shows that the existing Sanctions cannot stop its nuclear process. The report also said that De Thomas, who had served as an adviser to the US State Department on North Korea issues, recently wrote on the North Korean website 38north.org: The North Korean regime is a type that is resistant to successful sanctions... if the sanctions are strong enough. Enough to deter North Korea, such sanctions are also likely to cause it to launch a desperate war. Why is North Korea so desperate to develop nuclear weapons? Is it to attack South Korea to forcibly realize communist reunification? Is it to launch a nuclear missile at the heart of the United States to destroy the country? The Korean National Daily published an article on the 21st that this is impossible. . Compared with the US nuclear arsenal, North Korea’s nuclear weapons are like children’s toys. The report tried to review history to find the essence of North Korea’s nuclear issue. The article said that Won Kwang University professor Kim Jae-beom analyzed the declassified documents of the US State Department and found that the United States had deployed nuclear weapons in South Korea in 1958, stimulating North Korea to develop nuclear weapons from the 1960s. If we want to truly solve the North Korean nuclear issue, we have to admit that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons because it is worried about its own survival. In the negotiations, it adopts strategies based on this understanding and uses cards like the peace agreement to ensure the security of the Pyongyang regime, or in North Korea. Form diplomatic relations with the United States or Japan. When we focus on sanctions or pressure, more time will only be wasted, and North Korea’s nuclear capabilities will continue to improve. Although some people hope that North Korea will collapse, this is impossible in practice. Washington and Seoul ignore this and intensify military tensions. They will only be regarded as political use of the North Korean nuclear issue. The South Korean government uses this as a lever against China for domestic political purposes.
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