KNOWLEDGE GARDEN children’s musical hand drumming toy, follow the rhythm and beat the drum surface to inspire the baby’s intellectual development

by:Ennas      2022-01-09
Toys are a good friend of a baby in childhood. Many expectant parents and mothers will start preparing toys for their babies at the moment they know they are pregnant, such as cars, handbells, piano gym racks, plush toys, etc. There are, so the more toys for the baby, the better? In fact, it is also very important to choose the right toys for your baby. Knowledge Garden children's musical hand drum toy puzzle + music + light attracts the baby, taps the drum face in accordance with the rhythm, and inspires the baby's intellectual development. Babies are more active and like to beat and beat. The children's musical hand drum toy of Knowledge Garden is equipped with vocal music to beat the drum, which is so fun. Moreover, the knowledge garden children's music hand drum toy piano and drum two-in-one multi-function mode, high-fidelity sound quality, pleasing sound effects, not harsh, protect the baby's hearing, cultivate the sense of music, and can also drive the baby's active exploration ability and let the baby be in Learn while playing. The bright macaron color matching of the children's music hand drum toy in the Knowledge Garden is harmonious, and the baby can't put it down. The sleek handle design and fine workmanship make the baby feel relieved to grasp. Button 1: Press to play a content in the current mode, long press to increase the volume; Button 2: Press to play a content in the current mode, long press to decrease the volume; Button 3: Press to play a content in the current mode, Long press to control the light. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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