Knowledge Garden Children's Magnetic Graffiti Erasable Drawing Board Makes Drawing More Fun And Fun

by:Ennas      2022-01-10
The baby’s imitating ability is super strong. As the child grows up, he gradually likes to scribble everywhere. In order to prevent the child from scribbling on the wall, it affects the appearance. Buying a blackboard is not easy to carry, and the chalk is polluted by dust. It is easy to get hands dirty. If you buy paint, it may contain a certain amount of soluble heavy metal elements, which will endanger your children's health. Children's magnetic graffiti in the Garden of Knowledge can be erased and painted on a colorful magnetic drawing board without hurting hands, safe and healthy. Knowledge Garden children's magnetic graffiti erasable drawing board is made of environmentally friendly plastic materials, which are more comprehensive than other materials, have high impact strength, strong corrosion resistance, and durability. Moreover, the high-density fine magnetic powder uniformly adsorbs the inner layer of the brush by electrostatic force, the unique network fixes the magnetic powder without displacement, and the high-magnetic pen is used to ensure that each graffiti is clear and smooth without stuttering. The thickened design of the erasable drawing board for children's magnetic graffiti in Knowledge Garden is wear-resistant and anti-falling, preventing the baby from breaking the drawing board naughty. Smooth rounded design, smooth and delicate touch, avoid scratching the baby, care for the baby's tender skin, and let the baby play with peace of mind. What's more interesting is that by gently sliding the eraser, the baby's graffiti will turn into a blank drawing board in seconds. Coupled with the cute and cute smiley face stamp pattern, the baby can draw more freely, and it also makes drawing easier. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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