Knowledge Garden Baby Teeth Rattle Let your baby exercise sensory grasping ability while grinding teeth

by:Ennas      2022-01-25
Many novice mothers will find that when they feed their babies to 4-6 months, they like to bite their fingers or some other toys. As everyone knows, this may be a manifestation of relieving gum pain due to itchy gums during the baby's deciduous teeth. During this period, the mother can choose a toy for the baby that can not only exercise the baby's sensory ability and finger grasping ability, but also can be used as a molar tooth to help the baby relieve the pain of the baby teeth. The Baby Molar Rattle of Knowledge Garden is a gutta-percha toy specially developed for 3-1 year-old babies that can emit light and have soft music. It can exercise the baby's fine movements, hand-eye coordination and sports ability in all aspects. The baby molar rattle ears of Knowledge Garden are made of chewable gutta-percha material, which can let the baby chew at ease and relieve gum pain; the face can be illuminated, and the switch button can release a variety of music, which can exercise the baby's sensory ability. The knowledge garden baby molar rattle has colorful lights that can mobilize the baby's visual development, soft music, and dynamic drum sounds can mobilize the baby's hearing ability, so that the baby can enjoy the fun of dental tape. The baby molar rattle in the Garden of Knowledge allows babies to bite safely, helps the deciduous teeth to sprout, and allows babies to grind their teeth while exercising sensory grasping ability.
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