Keyoubi magnetic sheet toys, magnetic splicing, breaking conventions, plugging wings for children's imagination

by:Ennas      2022-02-04
Nowadays, parents pay more attention to exercise and stimulate their children's thinking and imagination. In order to inspire their children's imagination, parents also buy a lot of toys for their children, such as intelligent voice toys, building block toys, magnetic film toys and so on. What I recommend to everyone now is this ubiquitous magnetic toy. Keyoubi magnetic sheet toys have endless magnetic attraction and rich colors, allowing children to splice out different shapes, feel the fun of splicing, and can freely use their imagination, fun to build, and exercise the baby. Enlighten children's brain thinking and imagination ability at the same time of ability! The Keyoubi magnetic sheet toy adopts leading technology, after ultrasonic welding without glue, the material is safe and formaldehyde-free, selected permanent magnets, each edge is built-in 7mm nickel-plated small cylindrical magnet, 1 sheet is enough to lift 16 sheets, and the magnetic force is more Strong, mothers no longer worry about the harm caused by the baby's biting and playing. The color of Keyoubi magnetic film toys is pure and highly recognizable, which can help the baby's cognition very well, so that the baby can continue to advance from the entry stage-the primary stage-the intermediate stage-the advanced stage, step by step, and gradually cultivate the baby's all-round cognitive ability , Add wings to your baby’s imagination, and you can fly freely!
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