Keyoubi magnetic piece puzzle toy building block step by step stage enlightenment · gradually cultivate the baby's all-round cognition

by:Ennas      2022-01-28
As building block toys become more and more popular, the types and brands of building blocks are becoming more and more abundant. Among them, magnetic building blocks have stronger spatial imagination and construction capabilities, and the gameplay becomes more and more diverse. Mutual adsorption can form a The beautiful shape can be transformed into a new shape with a shake of your hand, allowing children to have different new challenges and discoveries during play. Keyoubi magnetic piece puzzle toy building blocks are made of strong and tough PC material, refuse to add magnetic powder, strictly selected standards, toughness is higher than ABS, safer and odorless. Moreover, it can be compared with the strong magnetic attraction of the magnetic piece puzzle building block toy at 1:16. Each edge has a built-in 7mm nickel-plated small cylindrical magnet. One piece lifts 16 pieces. The magnetic force is visible, no glue bonding, and bid farewell to the hazard of formaldehyde. No longer worry about the baby’s biting and harm. Combining a unique smart card and a magnetic film can be combined, cute patterns guide children to double the fun of cognition, a smart card that breaks the routine and complements each other. The magnetic docking between Keyoubi's magnetic puzzle puzzle toy piece and the piece, the clever combination of colors and shapes, plugs wings for the baby's imagination. Moreover, the color of the puzzle toy building blocks of Coyobi magnetic sheet is pure, the appropriate color brightness, and good recognition can help the baby to better understand and give the child the correct color enlightenment. Through the basic shape, color, texture, physical object, quantity, Size cognition and simple three-dimensional modeling establish basic spatial perception. In the advanced to three-dimensional graphics, the three-dimensional modeling and the environment are integrated, and the scene-based gameplay allows the baby to fly and imagine, step by step enlightenment, and gradually cultivate the baby's all-round cognition. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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