Keyoubi children's magnetic graffiti drawing board, sound and light interaction, easy to draw and easy to wipe, reuse N+1 times

by:Ennas      2022-01-31
With the improvement of living standards, electronic products are becoming more and more abundant. Many children in their lives are addicted to mobile phones and tablets. This not only easily harms the children's vision development, but also lacks a certain amount of exercise. At the same time, there are some children who like to imitate and scribble on the white wall. For this kind of children, parents can prepare a magnetic graffiti board for the baby to enrich the child's daily life, and they can play freely anytime and anywhere. Just draw. The density and fine magnetic powder of the Ubi children's magnetic graffiti drawing board is uniformly adsorbed on the inner layer of the drawing board. The unique grid design fixes the magnetic powder and does not shift. The selected high-strength magnetic pens ensure that each stroke is cleaned smoothly, without lagging, and colorful partition design The colorful lines are cheerful and smooth, and you can do graffiti at the same time to cultivate the baby's beauty. Through the children's wild ideas, start the colorful graffiti creation. At the same time, the buttons of the different colors and shapes of the Ubi children's magnetic graffiti drawing board are pressed and the corresponding light flashes to help the baby change color and recognize the picture, exercise fine finger movements, happy creation is not monotonous, and inspiration emerges. In addition, Coyobi Children’s Magnetic Graffiti Drawing Board also comes with a relaxed and cheerful nursery rhyme + physical simulation sound, the sound quality is clear and delicate, which can inspire the baby's artistic inspiration and interest in painting. Each time you finish drawing, one-key magic wipe, slide and slide as clean as new, long-term use as new and easy to write and easy to erase, the baby can draw as much as he wants, and reuse it N+1 times. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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