Keyoubi Baby Fitness Frame Pedal Piano Combining Early Education and Exercise Comprehensively Stimulate Baby Sensory Development

by:Ennas      2022-01-24
Fashionable hot moms sometimes worry about bringing a baby. They do housework while holding the baby and coax the baby. The wound sticks to the wrist and still bears the pain. As long as the baby starts crying, it becomes a luxury to have a good meal. . Keyoubi baby fitness rack pedal piano early education + fitness private space, through remote Bluetooth remote control, is designed to liberate mothers' hands, so that babies can play as much as they want without crying or making trouble, and mothers are more worry-free. In the golden age of baby's brain development, potential development is needed. Coyobi baby fitness frame pedal piano, two-in-one early education and exercise to fully stimulate baby's sensory development, let the baby win on the right starting line. Moreover, you can choose the peach skin for the baby fitness frame pedal piano, which weighs 120g per square gram. It has a high-density and good texture, which is as soft and delicate as silk. It is moisture-absorbing and breathable to give babies star care. The YOBI baby fitness frame pedal piano is matched with the crystal super soft short pile doll ornaments. The texture is delicate and soft. It is not painful when playing with the crawling handle, and it is not easy to shed hair. It can satisfy the baby in the appetite period, and it is safe to bite. Combining piano keys, one key and one musical note, in piano mode, as long as the baby steps on/beats each time, it will produce different piano sounds and rhythms, and beautiful notes, 3D modeling, color recognition dial, dial beads, exercise finger mode buttons , The content of Fantasia Early Education is free to cut, to enlighten the baby's sense of music from an early age, and cultivate artistic talent. At the same time, coupled with the soft colors of the Keyoubi baby fitness frame pedal piano and eye protection lighting, it attracts the baby's curiosity and protects the baby's vision, which can stimulate the baby's interest in hands-on. With the soft anti-bacterial mat that can lie naked, it is thick and padded with non-glue cotton to prevent the baby from being injured. The safe material for free play can effectively isolate bacteria, and the baby can lie naked. Moreover, you can lie, climb, sit, and walk on the piano with your baby fitness frame, and accompany babies from 0 to 36 months to grow up healthily! Lying and playing for 0-6 months: exercise the coordination of the limbs. The top ornaments attract the baby's attention, exercise visual development. 6-9 months of tummy playing: train your baby to raise his head and crawl. Train the baby's back and neck development while playing, so that the baby learns to raise his head and crawl earlier. 9-36 months of sitting and playing: Stimulate the development of the senses and develop the sitting posture to cultivate the baby's correct sitting habits. Music, light, and color stimulate the senses to develop in an all-round way. The hanging doll attracts hands to touch and exercises physical coordination. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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