Keyou teaches the puzzle hand bell earlier than newborn babies, four modes•Enlighten your baby one step faster_children's toy network

by:Ennas      2022-01-11
Toys occupies an important position in the baby's life and study. With the development of society, many toys can help babies develop their intelligence. In particular, the simple design of the rattle has become a must-have toy for many newborn babies, and the color of the rattle is relatively bright, which can bring the baby an intuitive sensory experience and stimulate the baby's visual development. Keyoubei's new baby early education puzzle handbell is made of ABS safety material, which is willful and resistant to corrosion and is not afraid of falling. The unique stereo field gives the baby the most natural sound quality experience. In addition, it is possible to teach the baby early than the newborn baby’s puzzle hand bell. There are also colored beads built into the belly, which will make a rustling sound when you turn your fingers. The more you turn, the more fun, you can exercise your baby’s finger flexibility while playing. . Keyoubi is an early education puzzle for newborn babies. Not only does the rattle have traffic toys, the sounds of small animals and the sound effects of nature, but the baby can experience different sounds while playing. There are also English enlightenment, simple polite language and character address, so that the baby's enlightenment is one step faster. At the same time, grasping the rattle can also exercise the baby's hand movement, and can also exercise the hand muscles. The neural reflex of the hand is the most widely distributed in the cerebral cortex, so while exercising the hand ability, it will also stimulate the baby's brain development.
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