Kerr brings new products to show the Chinese style warmly at the Shanghai Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
From October 21st to 23rd, 2020, the 14th Shanghai International Toy Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Chinese doll Kerr, with many new products, has launched a strong landing (toy hall booth number: N2E65), upgraded the IP image, highlighted the cultural connotation of 16 years, and radiated the vitality of the original brand. The antique design is romantic and elegant, and the pink-green tone is warm and healing. At this exhibition, Kerr will deduce diversified Chinese styles such as classics, new styles and national trends, and cooperate with multiple powerful IP cross-borders to jointly create exquisite cultural and creative gifts. The product launch conference of cooperation between Kerr dolls and the world in the palace, combined the classic elements of the treasures of the Palace Museum with the innovative design of Kerr, and launched a series of cultural and creative products of the palace. The Chinese culture is broad and profound, and the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing is extraordinary. On the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City, Kerr joined hands with the world in the palace to launch many cooperative products, which is also an exquisite gift to thank fans for their love. The first batch has been released, so hurry up and see~ The new series of Palace Small Gege series, with the image of palace Gege and costume style, transforms the treasures of the collection into seasonal charm, showing the Qing Dynasty Gege's four-time colorful life in the Forbidden City. Baoxiang Chunhui, a beautiful lady, pure and splendid. Cuizhi Xiahe, water lotus, Yujie and icy. Yingying autumn chrysanthemum, colorful falling Ying, graceful and charming. Laxuedongmei, Fanghua peerless, quiet and beautiful. As a special commemorative product of the palace, Jiangshan Ruhua is inspired by the famous painting 'A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains'. It adopts Kerr's new 45cmBJD body, with rich and dynamic posture, unique national style makeup, and clothing accessories with landscape painting elements, which is amazing. The painting is based on thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, deep-clothed long skirts are graceful and graceful, brocade cloaks are noble and elegant, and the majestic and majestic green landscapes also paint the majesty and majesty of the Forbidden City. Beauty Boudoir series products adopt Kerr’s new 30cmBJD body and spherical joints to restore the classic shape of the famous Qing Dynasty painting 'Yinzhen Beauty Picture': reading books and contemplating, tasting tea in Tongyin, holding the watch against the chrysanthemum, standing for the wish, both Soft and cute, and in the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting room, quietly enjoy the leisure time of the boudoir. Guochao's cultural and creative series of gifts, based on the cute images of Ruiju and Yumao, create pillows/bags/T-shirts/eye masks/hand towels and other daily objects. Interpret the fashionable oriental aesthetics, guide young people with entertaining spirit, explore and love Chinese culture, and grasp the tide of good luck this year. Kerr dolls unite the world in the palace. On the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City, they borrowed cultural and creative dolls to dig deep into the stories and details of palace cultural relics, and create a full range through beautiful scenery, self-media, e-commerce and other channels. Promote and reproduce the court culture. Kerr's Chinese style feast, original focus, not to mention. Mulan played filial piety from the military song, Zhaojun’s patriotism, classic humanistic stories were read together; the lovely sisters, candied haws u0026 lanterns, interpret the trend of Han cultural revival; the personality of the four-time song of the national tide, tells the regional culture of Beijing, Shanghai, Shu, and Yue, Q version of the big head expression, 20cm interesting figure, cute you didn't discuss it. Kerr u0026 Disney combine Chinese and Western styles to jointly create a variety of exquisite literature innovations: Four Seasons, I Love Minnie Fashionista, Assembled Cabin, which integrates Chinese characteristics and modern design concepts. Once launched, it is warmly welcomed and the brand is strong. United, extraordinary strength. The Kerr u0026 Hanshang Hualian collaboration model Kerr Spring Banquet·Season Brocade, inspired by the elegant collection of young girlfriends, dressed in a full-breasted dress, gentle and lively, with flowers and brocades dotted with myrobalan, the silk is pure and elegant, and inherits the beauty of China. Taking advantage of the high-quality animation IP boom, Kerr continues to develop original two-dimensional and three-dimensional image galleries, and has won many favors and authorized cooperation with new products. Currently, it has developed IP derivatives such as luggage, stationery, toys, food, clothing, video games, etc., satisfying More play needs. For 16 years, the brand has been precipitating and advancing, accumulating and leading the trend. With its vibrant original design and trendy aesthetics, Kerr has continuously broken cultural barriers and resonated with the new generation. Be a good national brand, inherit Chinese culture and craftsmanship. Kerr has created more than 2,000 works so far, which have been loved and supported by consumers. With the help of the popular original cartoon 'Oriental KerrDerive business to build an animation and toy industry chain. Kerr will continue to work hard in the future to reach new heights. At the same time, we sincerely invite all friends to come to Keer booth to take pictures and check in, discuss cooperation and discuss business opportunities!
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