Ke-xin zhang 2009 solo exhibition went to painting space

by:Ennas      2020-06-14
Core tip: ke-xin zhang solo exhibition posters to painting space (2009 对话空间) On February 12, 2009, was very pleased to launch a '2009 ke-xin zhang solo exhibition'. This will display including painting, ke-xin zhang 2009 solo exhibition posters for painting space ( 对话空间) On February 12, 2009, was very pleased to launch a '2009 ke-xin zhang solo exhibition'. This will display including painting, figurines, a total of more than 20 pieces of device works. During the exhibition, the audience will have the opportunity to appreciate the ke-xin zhang influential and the creative practice of diversification. The artist ke-xin zhang ( Born in 1957, Harbin city in heilongjiang province of China) In recent years mainly device, behavior, images, painting, figurines, new media, such as the international art scene of contemporary art language. Ke-xin zhang graduated from Harbin normal university in 1982, in 1992 as a visiting scholar in Russia. In recent years, he lived in southeast Asia, seeking creative inspiration. There was invited to go to India and Nepal religious art in terms of academic visits and exchanges, also in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and other countries on academic visits and exhibitions. As a traveler 'culture', under the background of globalization ke-xin zhang constantly trying to mix with the local culture to the ideas of classical Chinese in new Oriental culture forms its unique construction of his artistic career. Exhibition: China building, expect ke-xin zhang the artistic creation of desire, from globalization and Chinese history and culture, and art and modern society behavior such two dimensions. Early the disintegration of ancient book the latest series of works, this paper discusses the economic integration, the Internet and information technology's impact on traditional Asian culture. While the ke-xin zhang series of China building under the roof truss structure of Chinese classical architecture, built by a cartoon image fragments, from Japan, the brand trademark, culture, popular symbols, star world of mortals. Artists say the 'accidentally' the implementation of the scheme for the visual art creation to, art on a game. But this experimental art project has been completely scientific category, stripped of their architecture, thus to sociology and wide space of human caring. Exhibition: China building, big stone ZhengYang the the painting space ( 对话空间) Show more than 20 pieces of work, are 'building in China' series, is ke-xin zhang since 2007. Works with many of the present social phenomenon of parody, extend the series of classical architecture and contemporary society 'docking'. Ke-xin zhang said of his creation: 'when I was in heat treatment these 'accidentally' image symbols, is not only the reengineering listed in the picture, but to make fun of gimmick to humor grafting, I strive to the contemporary human spiritual and material desires, Oriental culture and western culture blend of myth and harmonic sex problem of contradictions, such as, act more prominent, more controversial, or blame and criticism. 'Variety and simple materials, colorful and grand narrative form, and created by a combination of some metaphorical situation will throughout the exhibition, and effectively stimulate the imagination of the audience. Through the creation of display ke-xin zhang recent paintings, installations, we hope that we can give the audience a chance to explore the breadth and depth of the artist. We believe that this exhibition will be good for painting space ( 对话空间) Consideration of the artists international background in choosing its artists, as well as to the painting space ( 对话空间) Trying to build the Chinese contemporary art and the world of contemporary art dialogue. Host: exhibition related message to painting space opening time: on February 12, 2009, at 5 PM show time: 2009. 2. 13 - 3. 27 exhibition location: the ancient philosophers bay road chaoyang district no. 32 street art district 6-22 yuan 99 ( The west today art museum) Open time: on Tuesday to Sunday, a day at 10:00-18:30
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