Karala magic pen appeared in the first domestic industry exhibition-Guangzhou Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

Following the Hong Kong Toy Fair and the New York Toy Fair, the Karala Magic Pen will be unveiled at the first domestic industry exhibition-Guangzhou Toy Fair on April 8. Kalala Magic Pen is an interactive creative early education product developed by Shenzhen Huizhi Technology Co., Ltd. based on the IPAD platform and carefully crafted for two years. Integrating multiple attributes such as toys and early education, the Carrara magic pen allows children to learn easily while having fun, and is also a good medium for parent-child interaction between parents and children. The Kalala Magic Pen is used in conjunction with Kalalala School to realize the organic combination of hardware and software, creating a revolutionary interactive early education platform. Entering Karala School Park, you can see seven functional modules, namely 'Learn to Write with MeAnd the 'curriculum schedule'. The Kalala magic pen can interact closely with Xueyuan. 'Learn to write with me' teaches children to write stroke by stroke; 'My Studio' has a variety of teaching and drawing templates and courses, easily changing brushes and colors; 'Listen to the world' Play nursery rhymes and stories, practice audiology knowledge, so that children’s eyes can rest; 'Library' and 'Early Education Classroom' provide a large number of high-quality books and courses, and gradually improve children’s intelligence and emotional intelligence by age and stage; 'Control 'Center' and 'Course Schedule' are convenient for parents to manage their children's learning plans, view and understand their children's usage records, and considerate monitoring settings so that parents no longer worry about their children being addicted to IPAD.
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