Kalbeby baby rattle toy promotes baby's hearing development

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
The fetus baby has the ability to listen in the mother's body, and can feel the strength of the sound, the pitch of the sound, and the type of sound. Therefore, newborns not only have hearing, but also have the ability to direct sound, and can distinguish where the sound is made. Therefore, the baby's hearing ability training is required during the newborn period. Kalbeby baby rattle toy is the first-born enlightenment music, soft ear protection. Children need white noise. Mothers have become accustomed to such an environment. An environment with sound can promote the child's hearing development. Calbe's baby rattle toy is made with meticulous craftsmanship. After layers of polishing, the surface is smooth and free of burrs. The structure of the bell pin is precise and tight 360° without edges and corners, so as to avoid accidentally hurting the baby's delicate skin. Calbe than the baby rattle toy 6 crisp bells, can make the sound of jingle bells, with a gentle color matching, can stimulate the baby's visual development. Play with the Morandi color scheme, mix and match the contrasting colors and be bright and eye-catching, which stimulates the baby's hearing and exercises the baby's vision.
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