Kalbeby baby molar stick teether toy to help your baby get through the 'teething period' comfortably

by:Ennas      2022-01-31
Babies are generally around 4-8 months old, and a pair of mammary incisors of the baby's lower jaw erupt. It is recommended that the teether be prepared at around 4 months old. The shape of Calbe's baby molar rod teether toy bottle can give the baby a different sense of comfort. Q cute and soft teether, caring for your baby's teeth. Kalbeby's baby molar rod teether toys carefully select food-grade silicone, reject BPA, rest assured to bite, liquid silicone is resistant to high temperature, does not deform, and is convenient for disinfection. It is also soft, high elastic, tough, comfortable to bite, and does not hurt your baby's mouth. At the same time, Kalbeby's baby molar rod teether toy is integrally formed with a handle for easy grasping. With the cute baby bottle shape, the baby can't put it down, exercise hand-mouth coordination, and the rich candy color attracts the baby's attention. The protruding particles on the back of the Kalbebi baby molar stick gutta-percha toy reach the toothache area directly, and massage the gums to effectively relieve teething pain. The smooth brush head does not hurt the gums and helps to clean the teeth. It can not only help the baby get through the teething period comfortably and care for the baby's delicate mouth, but also exercise the baby's arm muscle development and the coordination of the hands, eyes and brain. It is ergonomically designed and exercises the baby's grasping ability.
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