Just now, another listed toy company released its financial report, and its net profit increased by 80% last year.

by:Ennas      2022-01-14
On April 28, 2020, Guangdong Bangbao Educational Toys Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Bangbao Educational Toys) released its 2019 annual financial report. The annual operating income was 537 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.97%; it was attributable to listing The company’s shareholders’ net profit was RMB 75,871,400, an increase of 80.08% year-on-year; the return on net assets (weighted average) was 10.70%, and the earnings per share was RMB 0.26. In 2019, toy business revenue increased by 36% year-on-year to 518 million yuan. Bangbao Yizhi is a cultural and creative high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of educational building blocks and precision non-metal molds. In 2019, Bangbao's educational toy business revenue was 518 million yuan, an increase of 36% over the previous year, accounting for 96.36% of the company's annual revenue. Focus on educational building blocks and develop over 200 hot-selling products Bangbao Puzzle. Through years of accumulated educational toy development concepts and preschool education research carried out with major universities, it aims at the different psychology, preferences, and cognitions of young people and children of all ages. With factors such as ability and hands-on ability, we have launched education series, DIY series, machine series, city series, infant series and various popular IP authorized products in the market, and more than 20 series and more than 200 hot-selling products. The product line covers 0- For all ages of 14-year-old children, there is a rich variety of products, which are sustainable and growing. Upgrading the business structure and deepening the layout of popular IP Nearly 10 IP licensing cooperation is an important part of the business development of toy manufacturers. According to the financial report, Bangbao Yizhi will launch authorized products such as Cherry Maruko, Peking Opera Cat, Oringa Question Mark Duck and Three Squirrels in 2019. Among them, the company and Guangzhou Dali Animation Co., Ltd. jointly produced the original domestic animation 'The Adventures of the Four Kingdoms of the Beast King KongThe media platform realizes simultaneous broadcasting of stations and networks. Domestic sales channels are complete, with over 2,400 direct-sale retail terminals. In 2018, in order to further improve the company's domestic sales channels, Bangbao Yizhi acquired 100% equity in toy operator Miqilin. Meiqilin has mature domestic sales channels, and its direct sales channels include hypermarkets, department stores, toy chain stores, maternal and child stores, etc., and cooperate with Walmart, China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart, CP Lotus, Aeon and more than 2,400 retail outlets. The terminal has established business contacts, and toy sales outlets are all over the country. In 2019, Meiqilin achieved operating income of RMB 273 million, a year-on-year increase of 26.06%; realized net profit of RMB 41,526,100, a year-on-year increase of 22.70%, which provided a favorable guarantee for Bangbao Yizhi's annual revenue growth. Combining production, teaching and research, and continuing to lay out the education industry. In addition to the research and development, production and sales of educational toys, Bangbao Puzzle has also set foot in the education industry. It has launched 'Parent-Child Interactive Game Pack'Packages' and the level examination packages 'Investigation of Power Machinery Fundamentals, The educational product framework system at the junior and high school stage includes basic construction, characteristic system courses, scientific inquiry, artificial intelligence (robot programming), Chinese culture, etc. At the same time, it has also launched a new project of Bangbao research and study travel, taking the lead in launching new business products for research and study tourism, and launched a series of artificial intelligence research and study travel products on themes such as teacher-student travel, parent-child travel, and experience travel. In the face of the epidemic, the business goal is to sprint 620 million yuan in 2020. In the future development strategy, the financial report shows that Bangbao Yizhi will continue to focus on educational products, and implement education and content integration strategy through education and IP driving. Enrich product types, create an industrial ecosystem integrating educational products, education, and IP, and become a full-category plastic educational toy company integrating Ru0026D, production, sales and service. Faced with the impact of the epidemic, in 2020, Bangbao Yizhi plans to achieve the business goal of not less than 620 million yuan in revenue by increasing investment in scientific research, upgrading and transforming intelligent technology, and accelerating the layout of the education industry.
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