'Junk food' encounters promotion and advertising bans

by:Ennas      2021-12-15

Taiwan children’s meals are banned from sending toys  'junk food' meets promotion and advertising bans  According to Taiwan’s 'News Today' report on November 24, buying children’s meals and toys will enter history in Taiwan! Taiwan’s “Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare” has officially announced the “Administrative Measures for Advertising and Promotion of Foods Not Suitable for Children’s Long-term Consumption”. Starting from New Year’s Day 2016, it will target “garbage” such as fried chicken, French fries, potato chips, cola, chocolate, etc. Food   The ban restricts snacks, candies, beverages, ice products that are not suitable for long-term consumption of children under the age of 12, and foods that are directly supplied to eating places. After the new ban hits the road, the first ones to bear the brunt include fast food businesses and snacks and beverage businesses who often use toys with meals and exchange for toys. The ban also has advertising restrictions, prohibiting these businesses from 5 pm to 9 pm Advertisements will be published on the children’s channel during prime time after class. The “Food and Drug Administration” stated that as long as the calories from fat are more than 30% of the total calories, the calories from saturated fat are more than 10% of the total calories, the sodium content is more than 400 milligrams per serving, and the calories from additional sugar are 10% of the total calories. The above is regarded as 'junk food  Netizen: Let the meal return to the essence of eating!  Taiwan’s regulations prohibiting children’s meals with toys have triggered heated discussions among netizens on both sides of the strait, especially many parents. Most people support this regulation and hope that meals can return to the essence of eating!  @木木子走: Uncle McDonald’s is about to cry, so many series of toys have been designed! Many have just launched the first group, what should we do next?  @Daoybhymm: People take food as their heaven, let alone children? ! It’s natural to love to eat and to play, and proper temperance is necessary, but all of them are forbidden, and all of them are not allowed. They will also deprive a lot of fun, right?  @小提琴饼: Merchants, if you sell toys, please concentrate on selling toys. Please return your children's meals to the essence of eating! Give children healthy meals.  @穆穆快乐言语: Support the ban! Children basically have no resistance to toys, and they love to follow suit, so they don't give them away. These foods that are not suitable for the healthy growth of children will lose a lot of market.
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