Jule Baby Rattle Teether Toys Healing Gift Box to help babies relieve budding discomfort

by:Ennas      2022-02-04
It is a normal process for babies under one and a half years to eat hands and toys, and they should be fully satisfied under the premise of clean and hygienic conditions. If the baby is not guided and satisfied during the oral period, it will lead to excessive prolongation of the oral period. Nail biting and other phenomena occur, and even continue into adulthood. At this stage, Mommy prepares teething toys, which can not only meet the baby's desires, but also relieve budding discomfort and pain. The baby can not only relieve the discomfort of teething, but also promote the development of the jaw and gums. The jule baby rattle teether toy is designed with multiple biting points, massages the baby's gums in multiple directions, relieves the discomfort of teething, and the middle handle can be grasped to exercise the baby's grasp. The ability is not afraid of letting go. Adjustable elastic buckle, no matter the baby is fat or thin, the baby will not be strangled. The jule baby rattle teether toys are upgraded with more and thicker and larger pieces. The scientific design of various sizes, thicknesses and softness makes babies love them more. The cute and vivid expression adopts Multi-dimensional ink, multi-layer printing, it is safe and non-toxic, and the expression is vivid and cute. Even mothers can't put it down. With a variety of paradise world, it can not only exercise the baby's advanced grasping power, but also stimulate the baby's hearing and exercise visual ability. The classic ultrasonic moulding process of jule baby rattle teether toys is to fusion the materials firmly from the inside to avoid accidents such as accidental ingestion caused by the falling of the small colored beads during the play. The crisp and sweet ringtones accompany the baby's growth. The jule baby rattle teether toy is both a rattle and a rattle. It has a variety of playing methods to exercise the baby's hand grasping ability.
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