Journal of Experimental Child Psychology: Boys and Girls' Favorite Toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

China News Service, December 26. Baby boys prefer dolls to remote control cars? The University of Western Sydney in Australia recently conducted a study on several 4 to 5 months old babies. The results found that compared to model toys, baby boys prefer dolls with specific looks, which surprised many people.  According to foreign media reports, researchers from Western Sydney University in Australia showed several pictures of babies, including men, women, dolls, stoves, and toy cars, and calculated their concentration on each picture for analysis. Surprisingly, both boys and girls have a strong interest in dolls, far better than remote control toy cars. Interestingly, a study conducted by Harvard University two years ago found that the reason why boys love toy cars and girls love dolls when they are older is actually derived from the preference and cognitive development of physical sex, not from society. Intangible values u200bu200bgiven by pressure and external factors. Experts said that they are still looking for reasons for the boy's sudden interest in model cars and other toys after he grows up. The research was published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.
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