Jingdezhen kiln enamel character figure pen container ( Qing) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-09-02
'This is more than 1 0 0 0 years ago, the famous poet li bai wrote an article in the preface to peach garden in the spring of banquet of the first two sentences, it described the fast in the past time. Some centuries later, the immortal name be implanted in a jingdezhen imperial porcelain brush pot, to create a 'spring dinner to peach garden figure', makes it appear more rich artistic charm. This pen container produced in the yongzheng period, high 1 3. 3 cm, diameter and bottom diameter 1 7. 4 cm. For craft, the outer wall tracing figure painting enamel characters, a week has written at the bottom of the qing yongzheng year six. Outside pastel picture is divided into two groups, positive in the sitting room, li bai with several brothers is surrounded sit on the floor, some toasts, some talk, some a cup, some pinglan stare, some drunk leaning more, look lively, different attitude. Another group of garden view and admire figure, several people fell down on the stone case, attentively watched the calligraphy and painting, also some sideways look at the bright moon, some was lost in thought and three boys are busy serve to the left and right sides. The tips that picture hanging lanterns, time is at night, peach blossom is said spring, the theme is very sharp. This is a very rare porcelain works it out by the royal office officials b supervision and fire the jingdezhen imperial plant, carefully creating artifacts. The device on the outer wall with glaze of enamel painting, on the enamel from the kangxi period began to use in China, yongzheng period of mass production. Due to large amounts of famille rose porcelain fire, fire large amount of original wucai rapidly reduced. But the pastel yongzheng dynasty, a large number of or fire by kilns, kiln fire very much, because these porcelain are for the use of the royal, so special strict, first of all it must have a high quality embryo glaze; Followed by the exquisite craft, more should have high quality powder enamel raw materials and exquisite painting skills. Handed down from ancient times in the qing dynasty porcelain has a lot of brush pot shape, have two kinds of size, kangxi dynasty fire products for the most, they mostly civilian kiln fire, seldom see imperial wares. Yongzheng dynasty big brush pot decreased significantly, the small brush pot is a bit more, but mostly people kiln to burn, so qing guanyao brush pot more rare. The work, whether TaiZhi, pastel painting in the glaze and the glaze and the composition of a picture, reflect the high level, is rare in the yongzheng porcelain products, is now on display in 'ancient Chinese ceramics pavilion' in the Shanghai museum.
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