Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain JiaoMo method into modern techniques into the latest skills _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: jingdezhen blue and white is one of the four traditional coating, began in the tang and song dynasty, the mature in the yuan dynasty. Blue and white box depict cobalt oxide material in embryo grain appearance, glazing after high temperature firing at a time, into effect by indigo flowers is one of the four traditional coating of jingdezhen, began in the tang and song dynasty, matured in yuan dynasty. Blue and white box depict cobalt oxide material in embryo grain appearance, glazing after high temperature firing at a time, into effect by blue and white set each other off, pick up, love, crystal clear and lively. Blue and white porcelain in every era has its different characteristics, modern blue and white porcelain is in the tradition of ancient exquisite technology, and innovation. Points from the function, the modern blue and white porcelain can be roughly divided into three types: porcelain, antique porcelain, artistic porcelain. Blue and white is in adornment form, often with youligong, color glaze, enamel, ancient color, the new color and exquisite form, fight against each other to form a blue and white color, On the blue part directly in the first fetal porcelain porcelain glaze and white space, reoccupy after glaze firing glaze color material painted on the white part, finally again charging charred) Blue and white youligong, ( After drawing on the porcelain body in a copper oxide grain with transparent glaze, and burnt in the high temperature reducing flame, grain under the glaze red) Such as species. Modern blue and white techniques gradually sublimation contemporary jingdezhen porcelain art inherited the advantages of each generation of blue and white, in the modern ceramic art of leaders, led by the same blossom a dazzling brilliance. Blue adornment gimmick is to use brush dips in dark blue material drew out the pattern lines, with a larger water zito form countryside in different diluted concentrations of blue and white paint, dye in the contour lines, also known as 'water', while the contemporary jingdezhen blue and white king '' the king, he creatively using the technique of' the iron line, spring to create a 'water law', for the modern blue and white porcelain art opened up a new ethos. Nine yellow selling of arts and crafts master of China is known as 'the star of' blue and white water, he used to 'water', after the first cancel the skills, the embryo is still wet brush when covered with a thin layer of water, through the two hands on the coordinated control of bottles of paint on the water, will be 'blue and white' water techniques sublimation to another level. The blue and white ceramic art master such as lu is good at painting, he put the Chinese painting of the 'five colours' ink points into blue and white painting 'is colorful'; Wang Enhuai of arts and crafts master of China, xi-liang wang, qin xilin also on blue and white art is done. JiaoMo method into the latest presentation skills of jingdezhen in 1983 hit 'blue and white shadow celadon', by pest birds and flowers, fruits and vegetables, fish and algae free time crab, animals and birds, mountain water, knife Ma Ying drama, folk stories, the natural scenery such as auspicious patterns, customs, and the subject of national culture is given priority to, more adapted to the aesthetic taste of modern society. Compared with the traditional blue and white porcelain painting, modern blue and white art creation form, technique of expression, material use, there are a lot of changes. In contemporary ceramic artists inherit excellent traditional blue and white paint skill, on the basis of constant innovation. Techniques not only retained the traditional blue and white to cancel, water, and absorbing the traditional Chinese painting hook, Cun, point, brush techniques, with dull 'JiaoMo method' ( In the picture is completed in a very prominent place need dry pen dipped in JiaoMo Zhuo outline point) Performance thin bone strength stone, old Qiu branches dry, lotus pond autumn leaves. In addition, there are large areas of embryo on paint 'pour material law', will produce comfortable effect. Blue and white master wang step used this technique. Before pouring material stirring plate material with the writing brush color, thick in the material the water bleeding, immediately filed a tray on the billet poured down. With one of the 'splash', a wonderful clouds on the billet transpiration of skin texture.
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