Jing an international statuettes show opened to 59 a figurine art can touch can take

by:Ennas      2021-08-06
Core tip: the graph of the figurines, embrace hope. News on September 12 news: according to 'youth daily' report, the jing 'an district government, city ChengDiaoWei hosted the 2014 China Shanghai jing an international exhibition of small statue 'embrace hope'. News on September 12 news: according to 'youth daily' report, the jing 'an district government, city ChengDiaoWei hosted the 2014 China Shanghai jing an international statuettes show 'will be on September 20 solstice November 20 in Shanghai jing an sculpture park. At that time, people will be able to enjoy from 11 countries top 59 a small statue of 15 artists work. It is worth mentioning that, when viewing the audience without the right distance from the small sculpture a zhangs far, on the premise of not damage these figurines, can touch can shoot, can also be sitting near the small statue 'town', 'honk SanHu' with my friends. Figurines has exquisite layout with figurines blouses sit according to Louvre curator agency purple hair style, head of the art collection is introduced, compared with the past, the small sculpture exhibition in addition to continue to invite international famous artists, more emphasis on the mining and promotion of Chinese artists, Chinese artists a total of 8 groups of 25 pieces, accounts for 42 items. 4%. 'These two days figurines in intensive assembly, about 18, is expected to all the assembly. Some very popular works are expected to stay permanently small statue in the park, for your visit for a long time. '' these figurines are completely open, such as the cow figurines in 2010, when the design without edges, children can be a slide, slide down from above. This statuette is not exceptional also, the audience can feel, can shoot, but the premise is to be careful, don't hurt them. ', according to the relevant person in charge of jing 'an district greening bureau figurines inside the park through the design of the detailed survey and layout, as far as possible, and the siting of the residents' interaction, you can even sit with 'town' figurines, zero distance appreciate the artist's design. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition for the first time in the form of large-scale, high specifications of the sculpture shows to the public. Highlights the three international famous artist series of three groups, respectively is the French figurines home nicky sanchez, peleg 'city people' series of seven small statue; Spain figurines, Christopher gove lung 'guard home' series of 10 small statue; China Taiwan figurines ju Ming 'on stage' series, composed of 'town' and 'sentient beings', 12 pieces of stone with rich expressive language lively tour of the characters in the folk life varieties; France's famous female artist nicky sanchez, peleg 9 small statues, including 'happy waltz', 'heaven and earth LeYuan', the pitcher of life, etc. , these works in the form of lively kind reflects the city state of human life or situation, constantly reminds us how to understand the existence of person and love to others. Nikki is one of the most famous artists in the 20th century, feminist art master, the artistic creation influenced by Spanish architect gaudi. South Korea artists bahk seon-ghi works great expectations by four dark horse with a white horse, horse to create a picture of both natural tranquility, and gestates hopes to picture. British artist alex, Collins, a full of spiritual fox, lurking in the corner of the city, silent and staring gloomily sentient beings. It is a reminder: in the city we need to seek harmonious coexistence between people and animals. Public art college students work debut will open the exhibition also set up 'public art rookie centre' for the first time, to establish a public art communication platform is given priority to with college student artists, its aim is to arouse public awareness of the public art rookie and attention, become China's public art incubators, help promote the development of Chinese public art. At the appointed time, the organizers will cross the square as the base, entrust the design of east China normal university college students according to the site environment and creative works. Students from east China normal university yun-fei xia three pieces of small statue with animals as the theme, the snail, shark and scorpions as in the different mental state, symbolized by the snail steadfast humility, to depict leisurely, shark scorpion performance of positive enterprising, depict the spirit of the city. Another Wang Yaxin work 'good life', calling for a kind of pure, carefree slow way of life, like a sea of jellyfish, follow your feelings flow, free, natural and comfortable. Let a person is in the 'urban' numerous and complicated, but as if to enter the 'spiritual home'. In another development, September 20, will also be a jing an public art summit in 2014. Exhibition at the same time will also be a rich peripheral activities, such as mid-october photography contest, October and November respectively have two art family day, public art base of public art courses and so on.
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