Jinan sets off a new wave of preschool education supplies and facilities

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

The 9th China (Shandong) International Preschool Education Supplies and Early Childhood Education Exhibition in 2018 will be held on June 8-10, 2018 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Jinan High-tech Zone! Hundreds of exhibitors, bringing thousands of brands to the event! A professional, international and branded preschool education facility and equipment industry chain conference will set off again in Quancheng Jinan! Affected by the comprehensive two-child policy, the population size has increased dramatically, ushering in the golden development period of the early childhood education industry. The next ten years will be the 10 years of explosive growth in the early childhood education industry. At the same time, my country’s per capita disposable income continues to increase, and the average annual GDP growth rate during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) period is higher than 6.5%. Driven by these factors, consumers will continue to increase their consumption in the field of infants and young children. The education industry will usher in huge business opportunities. Moreover, Shandong is the second most populous province in my country, and also a major education province. Jinan is also a good place for infant education and amusement industry gold diggers. The 2017 Jinan Early Childhood Education Supplies and Early Childhood Education Exhibition achieved good results, and its market capacity will expand again in 2018. Hundreds of brand exhibitors and thousands of preschool education boutiques and cutting-edge preface products were unveiled at the exhibition, which was recognized by the majority of the preschool education industry and provided the best trading platform for consumers across the country to purchase products. It is a kindergarten visit , The first choice for purchasing and learning! This year’s preschool education equipment and facilities exhibition has been fully upgraded, focusing on the display of preschool facilities, preschool toys, kindergarten furniture supplies, cleaning equipment, early education courses, teaching materials, enlightenment products, safety management software, multimedia home interactive products, and many other new products in the industry. It is planned to invite many Well-known enterprises are the first choice platform for the industry's supply and demand parties to communicate, negotiate purchases, and enhance brand awareness and influence. In addition, kindergarten principals and heads of preschool education institutions from all over the country, as well as associations and committees from all over the country, will be present at the scene. Welcome everyone to have zero-distance contacts and exchanges with education experts from all over the world..... .Shandong Smart Expo will help exhibitors and friends to establish a corporate brand, build a corporate image, promote corporate development, and enhance corporate influence. at last! There are also visits and benefits! 1. Professional purchasers of preschool education supplies from other places can obtain a free hotel accommodation provided by the organizing committee with their business license and relevant identification certificates. 2. Local professional purchasers of preschool education supplies can obtain transportation subsidies from the organizing committee with their business licenses and relevant identification certificates. The number of places is limited, please consult the organizing committee for details! [Contact Us] Address: Jinan High-tech Zone International Convention and Exhibition Center Tel: 400-600-2726 Exhibitor registration: http://www.chinapeexpo.com/plus/list.php?tidu003d7 Audience registration: http://www. chinapeexpo.com/plus/list.php?tidu003d14
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