Jie situ art gallery in central academy of fine arts

by:Ennas      2020-05-31
Core tip: opening ceremony of exhibition site scene to commemorate the famous painter Mr SiTuQiao's artistic achievement, his legendary art course, sponsored by the central academy of fine arts, the central fine arts exhibition opening ceremony scene exhibition site to commemorate the famous painter Mr SiTuQiao's artistic achievement, his legendary art course, sponsored by the central academy of fine arts, central academy of fine arts gallery to undertake, associate professor of central academy of fine arts Cao Qinghui curator, 'a tearful painting down - — SiTuQiao art world 'love and hate, will be in August 2014 to 5 solstice on September 10, open to the public. Exhibition site SiTuQiao works on display at the exhibition - — Including painting, powder painting, bamboo pencil, watercolor, book illustration, manuscript sketches, drawings, sketches - — From the central academy of fine arts gallery, national museum of China, China art museum, guangdong museum, art museum in xinjiang ( Raise) Lu xun museum, Beijing, guangzhou art museum collection boutique and Stuart jstars belong to provide work, on display at the same time there are a large number of literature material, including several important art critic, letters, photos, etc. Exhibition site SiTuQiao seminary graduated from yanjing university in 1926. Self-study paintings, the early creation of lu xun, praised him as 'hold, author of' the bright and beautiful heart. 1928 - In 1930, where to study. Back in 1931, living in guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing and creation. 1936 make bamboo pen sketch scripture-stored tower body of luxun and nanjing as a decorative oil painting 'sun yat-sen as' ( Have been destroyed) An influential. After the outbreak of Anti-Japanese War, with his wife and son in exile in nanyang islands. Be in nanyang raise relief charity performance of the new China drama troupe 'put down your whip', writing the same name. After Pearl Harbour and returned to chongqing. 1943 - Sketch of xinjiang in 1944 and became an early modern painter in painting development in xinjiang. Hired for five provinces in the disaster areas in 1946 sketches and a 'disaster exhibition' held in Shanghai, nanjing, and admired by left-wing progressive writers, guo moruo in his 'more boldly toward the path of serving the people' practice gave high evaluation. 1946 - In 1950, his wife feng yi mai accompanied by treatment of pulmonary disease in the United States. Back in 1950, to participate in the museum of Chinese revolution. Professor of central academy of fine arts in 1952. On February 16, 1958, died in Beijing. SiTuQiao since returning to the day before he died on the road, not simply ceaseless, 'three old Chinese laborers', 'lu xun and RunTu illustration', 'Asia Pacific peace conference', 'autumn red persimmon garden' and so on is his major works of this period. Of the exhibition scene exhibition to SiTuQiao diary - — 'A tearful draw down, stupid, your life in art of the prison. ”— — As the exhibition theme, 'holding' the bright and beautiful heart, flow with splendour 'feather', 'put down your whip' ( Film clip) , 'xinjiang hunters painting', 'how many disaster li old foreign land', 'rose village', 'unfinished painting' and 'to unfinished painting' ( SiTuQiao repair and protection) Eight thematic unit, trying to reflect SiTuQiao art in the world of love and hate, and the central academy of fine arts gallery of SiTuQiao works to repair and protection. The exhibition intends to a breakthrough in the research of artists gallery narrative and accomplishment, emphatically from the Angle of art gallery for artists important node in the practice of physical and data mining, pay attention to the artists from various perspectives masterpiece in more three-dimensional gallery, pay more attention to the artist's emotional life experience, research-based reading function mining exhibition area at the same time. Exhibition grandly hold the memory of the central academy of fine arts exhibition, is a review of the SiTuQiao art history, is also part of the first half of the 20th century pioneer art conscious observation to people and society, this kind of review and observation will also help to review the current some phenomena and problems in the painting.
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