Jiaxing toys are exported as the first batch of new products

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

On February 18, a plush toy company in Pinghu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, exported 2 batches of 10,150 plush toys to the United States. Compared with the traditional stuffed PP cotton plush toys, these 2 batches of products are innovative and use corn kernels. And cotton is the filling material, and the outside is made of 100% cotton. The product can be heated and frozen, has the functions of reducing fever and temperature, relieving sunburn, sprains and muscle strains, and preventing heat stroke. Because the product combines toys and physiotherapy and health care functions, it is favored by more and more consumers in the European and American markets. This product is a new type of product, and it is the first time an enterprise in the jurisdiction has exported it. To this end, Zhejiang Jiaxing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau intervened in advance, provided personal guidance, focused monitoring, insisted on paying equal attention to gatekeeping and service, and monitored the whole process to promote the first export of the product. After learning that the company received product orders, the inspection and supervisory personnel of the Jiaxing Bureau actively consulted relevant materials and sent inspection supervisors to the company site many times to focus on product design, corn pellet raw material stacking environment, raw and auxiliary material control, process inspection and finished product inspection And other links to provide specific guidance. Taking into account the heatability of the product, the inspection supervisors through risk analysis, focus on strengthening the review of the warnings on the cloth label, consider the heating method word by word, and guide the company to burn in accordance with ASTM F963 burning and the heating method of the cloth label at the same time when submitting for inspection. Testing; Since the US plant quarantine department does not allow complete corn grains in the filling products, the Jiaxing Bureau has joined forces with multiple departments to actively guide enterprises to step by step in corn screening, degerming, polishing, and irradiation.
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