Jiangxi's 'decentralization of governance' inspection and supervision model has become a booster for export toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Guangchang County, Jiangxi Province, known as the 'Hometown of White LotusIts 8 series of plastic toys, velvet toys, bamboo and wood toys and other more than 100 varieties are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. From January to August this year, Guangchang toys exported USD 45.138 million, an increase of 40% year-on-year. Why does the export of Guangchang toys attract the favor of domestic and foreign merchants? Why has become the fastest growing region of Jiangxi toy exports? In the words of a local government official, 'The innovative'deregulation' inspection and supervision model of the Nanchang Office of Jiangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is a booster for the continuous, healthy and strong growth of Guangchang's export toys.' Too many times, fast delivery, uneven batches, overwhelming inspection and quarantine personnel, Nanchang office actively manages classified management, green channels, and rapid release, and at the same time locks the innovation of the supervision model in risk analysis and risk management. In terms of assessment and risk pre-judgment, the paperless inspection application based on credit management and risk management, instant sign-on and full-process rapid approval and release models created and implemented, not only ensure the effectiveness and traceability of inspection supervision, Moreover, the inspection and release speed of exported toy products has undergone a revolutionary change. 'After the new inspection and supervision model is put into operation, our company uploads data from the self-installed inspection application client, and the inspection and quarantine department can immediately accept and centrally review the documents, and implement rapid release of our products.' In the Nanchang office, one The enterprise inspector told the author that they can now complete the inspection business in the office of their factory, and the inspection and inspection and release cycle has been reduced from the past 2 days to the current 5 minutes. But what makes companies even more happy is that this model also allows companies to save at least nearly more than 100,000 yuan in inspection and inspection round-trip costs each year.  管得精    toys are key sensitive products, and governments of all countries attach great importance to them. In addition to increasing market access standards, strict regulations and restrictions on raw materials, fillers, paint coatings, etc. have also been implemented. In order to ensure the safety of toys and maintain the reputation of 'Made in ChinaThe office has implemented the supervision mode of 'first safety item inspection + product supervision and inspection + daily production process supervision and management' for export toy companies; implemented a filing and verification system for sensitive raw materials such as fillers and paints; and signed a ' 'The Commitment on Quality and Safety of Export Toys' has improved the export quality files for the enterprise; for the declared export toys, any inspection report issued by a qualified third-party inspection agency will no longer be carried out for sampling and on-site inspection; the implementation of the first For toy products registered for each product, within the validity period of the record, the 'option' for sample submission is given to the enterprise, and the 'supervision power' of the government department is dropped to the 'edge.   Good cure    In recent years, the Russian technical regulations on product safety for children and children, the new American standards and the step-by-step implementation of the new European Union standards have all set higher thresholds for my country’s toy exports. In order to break the technical barriers of foreign countries and protect the continuous, healthy and vigorous development of Guangchang Toys, the Nanchang office has launched a set of 'assist combination punches' based on the status quo of toy companies, product characteristics and export countries. The first is to strengthen the contract review, improve the level of product design, plug the production and processing quality and safety loopholes, and improve the quality control system of the enterprise; the second is to find and find the weak links in quality and safety, establish quality and safety control points, and improve the prevention of corporate risks. Control system; the third is to actively help companies improve the level of testing and self-inspection and self-control capabilities by organizing classes, training, etc., and enhance the awareness of the company’s main responsibility for quality and quality and safety risks; the fourth is to provide timely feedback to the company on the regulatory situation and notify foreign technical regulations Standards, trade measures, risk warning and other information guide companies to strengthen self-inspection and self-control capabilities, improve batch management and product quality traceability systems, and ensure toy safety and traceability; fifth, organize corporate exchanges, seminars, and cooperation, etc., and actively expand Corporate vision, and jointly improve the ability to deal with foreign technical trade measures and bargaining power; Sixth, conduct on-site inspections of the number of workers, key process production equipment and production capacity, etc., and verify the company’s production capacity based on the verification results and comparisons to prevent counterfeiting Guangchang toys export. 'In 2008, when we moved from Chenghai City, Guangdong Province, we rented a temporary factory building to produce low-end water guns, speakers and other simple toys. This year, we bought a new land, built a new factory, upgraded the design and sales department, and formulated With a long-term development plan, the product has also achieved a leap from low-end to high-end.” When it comes to enterprise development, Li Shaofeng, general manager of Jiangxi Yuehua Industrial Company, couldn’t hide his excitement. He expressed the aspirations of Guangchang Toys: “Good investment environment The effective integration of the'decentralized governance' supervision model of Nanchang Office of Jiangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is a guarantee for Guangchang's toy industry to grow stronger!'
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