Jiang Liyan-Toy Micro-enterprise Star

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

In 3 years, the micro-enterprise workshop has expanded from more than 100 square meters to more than 500 square meters. Toy products are exported to Europe, South Korea, the United States, Canada and other countries, with an annual sales income of about 2.5 million yuan. Recently, Jiang Liyan, a representative of the Municipal People's Congress and director of Liangping Junsong Toy Factory, has become a well-known micro-enterprise star. Speaking of the development and growth of the company, Jiang Liyan sighed: 'There are dreams, support, and wild lily also has spring!' Jiang Liyan worked in Shenzhen Toy Factory for 20 years, and grew from an ordinary employee to a factory manager, managing a toy factory with hundreds of people. Income 8,000 yuan. In the Spring Festival of 2010, Jiang Liyan, her husband and children returned home to visit relatives and witnessed the great changes in her hometown Liangping. After learning that the Liangping County Party Committee and the county government provided considerable preferential support policies in terms of loans, land use, and taxation to encourage migrant workers to return to their hometowns to start businesses, Jiang Liyan had the idea of u200bu200breturning home to start a business. In March of that year, Jiang Liyan returned to Liangping and participated in the second phase of micro-enterprise entrepreneurship training in the county. She had an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship, which strengthened her entrepreneurial dream. 'Leaving the soil and not leaving my hometown, I want to do my own business in my hometown and lead more folks to get rich.' Jiang Liyan chose to start with toy processing from his 'old business'. 'I learned professional skills in all aspects of toy production, mastered a wealth of management experience, and accumulated stable customer and social resources.' Jiang Liyan said. However, her entrepreneurial road has not been smooth sailing. The 60,000 yuan savings that Jiang Liyan saved by working a part is not enough for the initial fixed investment. After being introduced, she went to the Micro-enterprise Section of Liangping County Administration for Industry and Commerce and talked about her idea of u200bu200bstarting a micro-enterprise. Soon, her application was approved, and the government received 40,000 yuan in aid funds. In order to recruit workers, Jiang Liyan braved the wind and rain, handing out flyers and answering questions all over the city; the county women's federation also helped to reach out to all towns and villages to launch layer by layer. 'Although the throat is hoarse and the legs are swollen, it is gratifying that the first batch of 18 young rural workers have been in place one after another.' Jiang Liyan said. During the period, the leaders of Liangping County also led relevant departments to investigate and guide the company many times, and helped Jiang Liyan solve many problems such as financing and land. 'Without government support, enterprises have not grown so fast.' Jiang Liyan said. The workers had no skills, so Jiang Liyan taught turning, handwork, packaging, etc. hand by hand. In order to make it easier for female workers to take care of their children, she allowed them to bring their children to the factory and also included dinner. After the children had eaten and finished their homework, they went home with their mother. Nowadays, her toy factory is getting stronger and stronger, and its business is getting better and better. Recently, Jiang Liyan has also joined hands with his former 'old employer'-a large toy factory in Shenzhen, planning to build a large toy production base covering an area of u200bu200b29 acres in Liangping Industrial Park. The contract has been signed and construction is about to start in the near future. 'I will work hard to make the cake bigger, solve the employment problem of more people, repay the government, and repay the society.' Jiang Liyan said.
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